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daniel's out :(

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I can't believe no one has posted about this yet...2005-04-20 16:00:00Title:Daniel Negreanu EliminatedLog:After a multi-way flop of 9-3-2 rainbow, there was a bet to Negreanu, and he raised it up. The player acting behind him effectively put him all in, and Negreanu said, "I've only got five-high, but I'll call," and he pushed in his last $30,000 or so. The player asked again, and he reaffirmed his hand, showing 5-4 suited for an open-ended straight draw. The other player showed 10-9 suited for top pair. Negreanu asked if anyone had folded an ace when the turn card fell with a blank diamond. (Unfortunately, there were no diamonds on the flop, so he didn't even have the benefit of a runner-runner flush draw.) A 5 on the river gave him a pair, but not enough to stay alive, and Daniel Negreanu was eliminated from the tournament.

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