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Qts, Flop Two Pair On Rainbow Board

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PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t200 (8 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FCP)UTG (t780)UTG+1 (t3725)MP1 (t730)MP2 (t7135)CO (t4630)Hero (t2470)SB (t3000)BB (t1650)Preflop: Hero is Button with Q :club: , T :D . 2 folds, MP1 calls t200, 2 folds, Hero calls t200, 1 fold, BB raises to t400, MP1 calls t200, Hero calls t200.Flop: (t1300) T :D , 4 :D , Q :D(3 players)BB bets t200, MP1 raises to t330, Hero ?Best way to extract money from BB? Have no real reads til this point other than i havent seen a PFR yet in 3 hands at the table.EDIT: Please move this to the correct forum. Sorry about double post. Thought I posted it in tournament, didn't see it, posted it again.. and yeah.. sorry lol

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Call here, call turn or check, raise river unless you have reason to be afraid of set or straight.opps wrong forum

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