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  1. Daniel is auctioning off his WSOP Player of the Year Toyota Tundra on ebay. It is item 110195939555. The price is currently at $14,100.Daniel, are you switching to a hybrid?I'm surprised you are selling your "trophy" from the 2004 WSOP. I would keep it if only for prestige or bragging rights. Not even Hellmuth and his 11 bracelets has won Player of the Year.I really enjoy watching you play poker. I wish you much sucess for the rest of 2007 and into 2008.Play Good!
  2. Matt,Thanks very much for the reply and look forward to hopefully seeing some white FCP flexfit caps!Dan B.
  3. Dear FCP Store Manager,Will the store be getting in any of the white flexfit full contact poker caps that Daniel has been wearing?Thanks,Dan B.
  4. I was just wondering if Daniel will be at the Super System Poker Camp in May, 2007? It mentions his name in the 11/28 Card Player but he is not mentioned on the camp website supersystempokercamp.comWill he be teaching or not?
  5. Will you get any of the other colors that Daniel is wearing in the structured flexfit cap style?
  6. Matthew,I would gladly pay the cash for the hockey jersey because I do no have nearly enough points accumulated. I really want one of these cool new jerseys!!!Can I pay cash for a FCP hockey jersey?Thanks for your time and look forward to your response! Dan B.
  7. Will the cool new FCP Hockey jerseys be available for sale at flopgear.com?
  8. Is the Stacked Chip cap going to be available to purchase? If so, where can I buy it?Thanks,Dan B.
  9. TyRoy - I am interested in buying the Stacked cap. Please let me know what you're looking to get for it!Dan B.
  10. Will flopgear carry the new FCP hockey jerseys and chip sets?
  11. I was just wondering if the Stacked Chip Cap with the chip on the front and "Stacked" on the back will be available to purchase?
  12. Dear FCP,Thanks for the quick reply to my question! I thought that might be the case but I just wanted to make sure.Look forward to hopefully winning the semi in March!DanB15
  13. Dear FCP,I won the Seat #6 Protege tournament yesterday, 1/22/06. I received the cash but I was not awarded a ticket to the 36 player semifinal tournament scheduled for the 3rd week in March. Will this ticket be awarded to my account and a later date or closer to the March tournament?I was just wondering why the ticket wasn't awarded automatically to my account.Thanks for your time!DanB15
  14. Hey Daniel,Is the Stacked "C" chip baseball cap available to purchase? Will it be available once the game is released?Thanks for your time and look forward to your response!
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