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  1. 6.3k @ 3rd break.In other news john duthie is playing probably 85% vpip and has the chip lead. Can't miss with any 4.
  2. In lo8 but getting murdered early. good enough table tho.
  3. std 160bb pot to bust when victor ramdin cold calls 2, then 5 bets with the old AJ56r pf.
  4. Thanks :icon_biggrin:I searched tourney id and registered but i still dont see it in the lobby.It's actually not even in my lobby. The only way I can see it is by clicking WCOOP / ALL
  5. Anybody see the plo8 2nd chance listed anywhere?
  6. should you 3 bet the 2nd nuts after last draw in 3 way pot after leading and getting raised ? (2-7)
  7. let me know when you are down there and we'll come down.
  8. Me and Stylinhawyn are in a room with 2 queen beds. We're here til Sept 5th. Busto event 2 4 bet shipping AKo into KK @ 150/300/25 with 6.7k
  9. Probably..do you know where the closest bank of america is?
  10. I'll be the guy with no chips because I busted at the end of level 2.
  11. Me and Dominic are here and in our room. If anyone wants to meet up tomorrow or another day hit me up. Playing the first event tomorrow at noon.
  12. Yeah me and Dominic are flying into new orleans and driving up together. We're also sharing a room (single king obv)
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