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  1. Yeah, that's true. I'd like to go to the Museum of Natural History, and MOMA, and libraries like you said. And go to Yankee Stadium, and Fenway Park. That's true. Oh sorry. Well amuse and inspire me now please.
  2. I want to travel somewhere cool. I'm not concerned as much with making money as doing something fun.
  3. Or I could stay home, collect my unemployment checks, and make more money without ever having to go to Canada or New England. Give me a good answer. Awesome. How much would a plane ticket be? Lame on all counts. You have to do better than that. You'd be broke and cracked out three months in Vegas, Paris and Venice are crowded tourist traps, and who the **** would ever want to go to Eastern Europe where you can get a hotel for a nickel?
  4. Go on...Seriously, what would you do there? Where would you live? How long would 10K last?
  5. Let's suppose you had about $10,000 at your disposal, and weren't tied down by any responsibilities or obligations, and you wanted to see the world a little bit. Where would you travel, and what would you do? What would you pack, and what would you do about living arrangements? Keep in mind that this trip is completely open ended as far as time is concerned, and you want to make it last as long as possible. Any schemes for scaring up extra money while you're there or anything should be included in the answer. Go in to detail if you want too. I'm curious, and bored.
  6. These two posts were the funniest I read during my catch up. I was thinking the same thing, and now I'm thinking that maybe Strat didn't write this at all. I don't think there's any risk of a felony charge. You don't have to use your real name or put a return address on the fedex box do you? I'm not saying it's a smart idea, but there isn't much risk. Besides, for $3/pill Keith can find someone local and won't have to pay shipping/handling/teddy bear fees. This isn't Jeff either.
  7. You're a tool. Don't over think it. Nobody at your work cares about you. Ask for the raise, and then when they turn you down just move on because nothing will ever change or get better. Dead on. You give them an ultimatum, and they'll find another monkey to sit at the typewriter. Hooray for the middle class! He owns you, and you can't handle it.
  8. Thanks Doyle. Hey Mitch, remember that time I was having sex with your sister and she was totally liking it?
  9. Somebody just knocked on my door. It's very strange when you're high and somebody knocks on your door when you don't expect it. It's like you just got out of the shower and you're only wearing a towel and your hair is still kind of wet. You're still pretty much naked, but you have to answer the door. And then whoever is there (today it was the UPS lesbian.) is all uncomfortable unless you have a hot bod (you know I do). Anyway, being high and answering the door is kind of like that except you stare more.
  10. The second you start thinking about the money you should leave. It's that simple. Maximize profit when you're comfortable with your roll. Then bend over, and take off your pants.....very slowly.
  11. Yeah, he had some interesting things to say for sure, and the poem was well done. I just have a problem listening to bigotry like that. Have you ever seen that dude Shihan on there? I've only seen clips from youtube, but I'm a fan. He's pretty ****ing good. I also like this guy named . Dave Chappelle did a funny thing on there too. Oh right. Black people. They're crazy.
  12. I'm sure the grand wizard has some published works too. Now I'm not comparing this guy to a clan leader, but black people can be racist too you know. That poem was pretty racist. You should check it out. Not all poetry is fruity or whatever you think of it.
  13. You're right. This really is silly, and I'm not trying to argue. It just seemed dumb to me that you made a point to let everyone know that you couldn't be bothered with any messages because you already had too many stupid ones to deal with so I gave you a hard time about it. It's what I do.
  14. It's just easier to be clear that way. Basically all I'm saying is that it isn't a big deal if a couple people wrote you messages asking for advice. If anything, you should be glad to be thought of as an authority on the subject, but instead you took the opportunity to let everyone know that you were too cool for stuff like that and you're much too busy to be bothered because you're such a stud around here. We get it.
  15. To me it just sounds like racism. I'll put them on my list. Hopefully, we're all quitting.
  16. I saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for the first time the other day. One of my all time favorites already.
  17. I wouldn't care. Fair, but I doubt that if a couple people from this thread that you talk to on a regular basis were to send you a strat pm or two it would really bother you. And if it would then it wouldn't be hard to delete just like you delete all the other junk. I'm not spamming you for Jebus' sake. Present Really? True. I didn't know you were talking about a sng let alone a turbo. I don't play many, but I was under the impression that you can just play these things on autopilot with a pretty basic system.
  18. It's not like you'll be overrun with messages. Get over yourself. If a couple people from here pm you to ask strat advice that's a problem? As though you're too busy to delete a message if you don't want to respond to it. As though your inbox is filled with so many important messages that one more might make it asplode. Don't be an ass. Kisses.
  19. You just keep doing your thing man.A rearry pissed off young Chinaman?
  20. Yeah, I saw that. Silly shit. Everybody is so afraid of giving the "wrong" answer that they can't think outside the box or consider specific situations. If you need any tourney advice there are a few very good people (Mk, bizzle, grinder, gobears) to send private messages to instead of talking to a bunch of numbnut strat posters.
  21. You're a redneck. It's cool stuff. Check it out.
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