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  1. Bob, Can you confirm if there are plans for Canadian stops?
  2. Just take it slow and don't force yourself to much. Make sure you are getting a good sweat and can feel the muscles burning but don't strain yourself doing it, it's OK to take quick breaks during.
  3. I really like my sig pic. It's cool looking at all the faces on those 2 tables and realizing that half are well known pros in the hall of fame.
  4. Not to jump off topic but....Did you hear Sound Garden is getting back together.
  5. What do you listen to?I find that 90's hiphop helps me stay focused for some reason.
  6. I am just curious as to the different steps/routines my fellow FCP'ers take to prepare for a solid session online. Recently I began doing yoga at home in addition to my regular exercise and have found that doing yoga prior to playing online has increased my focus, energy and thought process immensely. It puts me in a very calm, relaxed state and even the worst bad beats truly don't phase me after doing yoga. I have a greater sense of the "big picture" and played much more fluid when in this state. Every bet, raise or fold has meaning behind it and I concentrate more on the other players and th
  7. The software will allow you to find the holes in your game much quicker since you can go back and review each session played. It will also help you track the opponents you face on a regular basis.I use it and find it handy.
  8. Do you think his game will be taken to another level (maybe not possible) now that he is not tied to anything or anyone?Or do you think this may hurt him in the short run?I could see him going ape shit at the craps tables and either winning or dusting off a huge chunk.This divorce may give more insight into his actual wealth since things will be split up amongst him and Luciaetta.
  9. Poker Phenom Flushes His MarriagePosted Dec 29th 2009 3:07PM by TMZ StaffPhil Ivey -- one of the most dominant professional poker players in the world -- isn't suited for marriage ... dude was just granted a divorce from his wife Luciaetta.Ivey and Luciaetta filed the joint petition in a Nevada court on December 22 ... three days before Christmas. The divorce was granted today -- both parties were present for the ruling. Phil -- who's reportedly made more than $12 million playing poker -- married Luciaetta back in 2002. The couple has no children together. Fun Fact: Ivey is known in the card c
  10. Dude don't even worry about it. Sorry for the delay in getting the stake back to you.
  11. Don't take the World Record Event too seriously it is a mine field.
  12. Stakes!I am giving out two stakes to the $4.40 - $2,000 guaranteed NL tournament starting in 15 minutes.Tourney ID - 223749222Paying it forward for my win yesterday and the stake herly33 offered me earlier in the week (which has been paid back x2, FYI). Post your Stars name and city and why you should be staked.50/50 no stake back.
  13. Chopped 50/50 heads up, $645 each, as it was getting really late and we were about even in chips. I ended up winning the tournament for the TLB points, not that it matters.Thanks to those that railed!
  14. Heads up now...Villian - 1.67mMe - 1.33m
  15. Currently CL with 7 players remaining.Come rail if your still up!TOURNEY # - 223749299
  16. You see, I have four kids to feed and a drug problem to fund. Thanks for the money bitch!....just kidding!I didn't steal his $2.20, I just can't transfer it back.I made a deposit on Sunday for $25 and lost a little of it on small buy in tournaments. Herly33 then offered a stake for $2.20 and shipped it before I could let him know I wasn't able to play. I said I would ship back but the transfer didn't go through before I had to head out and I forgot about it until I logged into FCP.I have PM'd Herly to let him know I will ship the $2.20 plus as soon as possible.All is good!
  17. Nevermind dude.....can't play.Sorry!EDIT: I'll ship back once I get it.
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