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  1. Rask has given up 1 goal in his last 13 periods of play!!
  2. Haha was just joking. I AM tilted though. Stupid Marchand out with the flu, and I didn't know, so he's taking up a spot while Horton is on the bench with 2g, 1a, +3, 4 shots with a period still to go
  3. I put money on bet365 because of you tonight, and bet $10 on Mil to win by 10-13 points at +650. I figure they'll win by exactly 10 after your post.
  4. Does her daddy wrestle aligators? And her mama work on carborators?
  5. Buy her a lulu lemon headband and have it engraved with "I don't love you anymore".
  6. Today was kinda like that for me. Like the noodles were cooked a bit longer and were softer. My friends used to make fun of me for the way I made KD, cause I cooked the noodles way longer than them. They liked hard crunchy noodles for some reason.
  7. For the record though, I'm the complete opposite on the ice. My teemates always mock me for not knowing when I score goals because I just stand there.
  8. Atta boy, gotta watch that girly figure
  9. I love celebrations, they are fun to watch. I wish they weren't so frowned upon. How boring would it be if everyone scored, and just kept their heads down and went to the bench. Show me some emotion!
  10. I'm back to hazlenut with my iced coffee today. And the beef lasagna is amazing today! (more amazing than it usually is).
  11. Wish I could, but I'm poor! Maybe fly me out when your parlay comes through, k?
  12. Wow, $370 529.28 would buy a lot of lululemon. One time Biatch!
  13. Yeah really. I had already quit watching last season after a few episodes. Definitely not into seeing Brendan and Rachel again.
  14. <3I tried my iced coffee today with the mint chocolate flavour shot. It was pretty good, but not as good as butter caramel or hazlenut.
  15. You're crazy Serge. Doubt I could go a week without chicken.
  16. LOL biatch that's awesome. And I'm pretty sure you're 7-2 or some other shitty hand won a big pot from me on the HHOF weekend. FU
  17. I'm addicted to iced coffees right now. I had 2 iced coffees with butter caramel shots from Tim's today, and 1 caramel iced coffee from McD's. Sooooo good!
  18. Sorry Serge, we are a beast that can't be tamed!
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