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  1. she's not as hot as i thought.....but still nice....
  2. yeah no doubt....so where can i see a bettter close up...
  3. Can someone please tell me who that girl is?? BigDMcGee ...his avatar?
  4. hey BIG MCDEE, who's the asian girl in your avatar???? She's hot!!!
  5. hey Daniel, I live in Toronto and i use to play poker (i stopped because i couldn't balance the ups and downs)....anyways, i'm 25 yrs old, so a bit younger than u...i know people who say they use to play w/ you...but i wont bother mentioning their names here...my question is:the clubs you mentioned in your blogs "fundtime, check n raise" are those the actual names of the clubs?? did u every play in cincy, villenzi's (at peter/king)...these were the clubs i played in, and was just wondering....btw, you are an amazing player, and its cool u from TO....
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