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  1. LOL, I just about peed myself laughing at that. Pretty much a no brainer, I am going to rob his blinds as long as I can. For all you know he could have had his internet knocked out by a storm and won't even be back in time to finish, no sense prolonging it. And if he makes it back in 3-4 hands, not much harm done to his stack
  2. That's negative reverse implied odds if I've ever seen them
  3. "In one of the last hands I played, I got 5-6 suited in the hole. Small suited connectors is not a bad hand to play, just ask Doyle Brunson"You think he'd know enough to realize that Doyle was talking about the implied odds to get someone's whole stack in a No Limit game with those hands... This guy is just about as much of a poser/WSOP wannabe as the rest of his table, as his 6-high bluff points out nicely.
  4. In a $5 sng on a two-suited board of 257 the all in guys could easily have hands like A7o, 99, 34o, Kxs, etc. There's no way I am folding here.
  5. I didn't realize it was 6 max until I reread your post. Having the naked ace is pretty much of zero value there, since people will call in a heartbeat with a K,Q or even J-high flush. The middle set there has value, since it is quite unlikely you'll be up against the top set. But with a 3 flush on the board it will be nearly impossible to push anyone off a flush. I'd try to get a free card if possible and hope to fill up.
  6. Right now I am pretty much just a limit ring game grinder (doing quite well), with a few NL tournies/sng's and PL Omaha mixed in. But after deciding to try my luck with my last $10 on party (from some freeroll a while ago) I might play more if the players are this bad and nut camping works.People seem to find any reason to call for large amounts in hopeless situations. Like recently in a hand I was dealt 99, I raise 3x get 2 callers, flop comes QQQ and I bet 2/3 the pot, 1 caller. At this point my stack is about the size of the pot so I figure any non-ace I will go all in on the turn. Turn
  7. Going out on a limb here... Ever heard of Neteller? Cash outs from Stars take all of 24 hours at the most.
  8. Ahh.. nothing like getting your deposit raked before you even sit down at a table
  9. I'd call him down, unless you have reason to believe he isn't a typical weak and/or aggressive guy who would bet that hard with something like AT or A9
  10. I was in it.. then busted out within 45 minutes when my flopped top set ran into an unlikely straight on the turn
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