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  1. whoever voted 200-250 is wrong i think
  2. This is fun??? You have no life.its 6 in the morning sorry for making a post
  3. cmon guys lets see some more votes and replies, I want to hear everyones insight on this topic. My vote was based upon triangulation of the size of his waist compared to his number of chinsMathematical Proof:A=(W(C^2))/2A=Total weightW=Size of waistC=Number of chins600=(75(4^2))/2I estimated his waist size by comparing it relatively to the size of the poker table when he was sitting. And, well the 4 chins are just obvious.So as you can see using this formula, Greg Raymer weighs approximately 600 pounds.
  4. Dayuum, you guys are harsh! Can't a guy be curious? Looks like we will never know the complete truth to this intriging question, although there appear to be some good, albeit it speculative theories floating around.
  5. I want to hear it from the man himself!Well in that case why'd you post on the forum, you obviously don't give a censored what we think, nor do we care what kinda of rectum vomit you spew out.PM "the man"Alright! I respect all your opinions and would like to hear what you all think, but I sure hope Daniel eventually replies.
  6. Hiyou are functionally retarded.................(I stole that)Good Luck(that too)I may be functionally retarded, but does that take away my right for this question to be answered?
  7. Why is it that all the pros, including yourself, dislike this charity-giving man? Why doesn't he fit in with the rest of you? I am very curious to know why. Thanks.
  8. First time posting... recently discovered this forum and have been stalking ever since. That's okay, Smitty got all of his chips earlier from some lucky hands oop and random betting oop that didn't get called. He was either calling big raises oop with nothing or had big pairs 3 out of every 4 hands.It's good to see my experience fishing at Party Poker has finally paid off I figured this being an official forum tournament, I would be up against mosty solid players, so I decided to play a few more hands than I normally would and try to take the aggressor stance early, even from out of positi
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