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  1. Still trollin along at 2nd break with 13,425
  2. After first break only at 10375, could be worse though
  3. Kmac

    Ft 350k

    QQ vs AK loses right before fuuckin break.down to 3700
  4. Kmac

    Ft 350k

    same here, but 20 hands
  5. Kmac

    Ft 350k

    off to good start 4245flopped straight with 46, up to 5850
  6. Kmac

    Ft 350k

    busted on a straight flush draw, im in
  7. Kmac

    Ft 350k

    I was gonna, but I'm deep into a 30+3, so GL everyone
  8. Anybody playing in this? I'm thinking about it.
  9. bahahahah yea i know man, i was only making fun of the other guy.
  10. 10+189098344th place, first is almost 1200. RAIL IF YOU LIKE!!
  11. Im in: U_TurnJonesI want as many FCPers in here as possible, represent
  12. Cant believe this guy actually wrote something positive. I was waiting for his "Dont post until you reach the FT, mother effer" post from him.
  13. make your own thread, this is about the Stars million
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