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  1. sorry, not spam, but would be a cool spam... More of a lurker here and going to try and get a little more active here. The reason I posted this was for DN, everytime I read one of his posts or watch one of his videoblogs he mentions TIVO. I know he has a Treo and always says he needs to upgrade it. Here's a reason to upgrade. I also have the sw on my computer at work and watch shows here as well. Again, wasn't spam... Just sharing something a little new and something that is cool as chit...Either way, thanks for the welcome. I'll be around a little more now :)Tom
  2. For those and DN out there that are tivo junkies like myself... I picked up a 700w before the WSOP and have been streaming Tivo over the net and watching my shows on my cell phone. It's pretty cool...This is the player you need to hook up at your home, SlingMedia PlayerI'm using a Treo 700w over on Verizon. This is what it looks like on my phone. I can change channels, watch live tv and also access all my shows on my tivo:I don't work for Verizon or Sling, just wanted to share...
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