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  1. thanks everyone for all of the advicce, I will take some time later today when i have a few minutes to review my options
  2. What is my best bet if I had to choose one poker site to deposit money into as far as 1st deposit bonus. I would put importance not only on the size of the bonus, but also on the ease of recieving that bonus (raked hands) as well as the quality of the poker software that the site uses.Ideally, I would be looking for a site with microlimit tables in order to achieve the raked hand requirements cheaply.Thanks
  3. yes I suppose I should have raised preflop, I guess I was a bit too tentative, as even a minimum raise was about 25% of my stack.Anyway, this was a couple days ago and I ended up going all in, and the bb had an ace. I've kind of been beating myself up about it for the last couple days, but at the time, I was 95% certain he didn't have an Ace, obviously I was wrong, but it was fairly difficult to put him on an Ace, especially considering he was chip leader and he checked the big blind after me and the sb both limped.
  4. hmm, I would never do anything like this in a live yourney, but I guess I never thought of it actually being illegal.I love to play mind games with other players that I know well in my home games. Plus, although you may not believe in this kind of crap, sometimes I just get a hunch about a bad hand, and it usually hits.What I'll do sometimes to throw my friends off, is I'll have a bad hand, like, for instance 36 suited or something. I'll say, "honestly guys, I have a bad hand, but I'm feeling lucky" and I'll call the blind. Funny thing is, regardless of whether I hit, I usually win these hands
  5. Live tourney NL Holdem. Blinds 700/1500chipstack: around 12000TJd on the button, folded around to me, limped in, sb limps, bb checks quickly.Flop comes AAT rainbow. sb checks, bb, who is chip leader with about 45000, bets minimum 1500.would you fold here? flat call? minimum raise? all in?
  6. I agree, unfortunately, these oppurtunities were not presenting themselves for me. And in this particular instance, I knew he had a big hand in the pocket, he only raised preflop with monsters, and I was fairly certain he had KK or AA, or maybe QA, and I knew he'd call in a second with any of those. it was basically, or so I thought, the perfectly ideal situation that I had been waiting for. Although, that said, you are probably right that I could have just stuck it out, even taking a pretty big hit from that hand if I'd not gone all in, and probably beat him in the long run, barring some more
  7. I won't call this a bad beat, just incredibly bad luck.I was playing a house game at my place, 10 dollar buy in, we had 14 players + 5 rebuys for a 190 dollar pot, 170 to the winner, 20 to 2nd.There are 6 players left, I am chip leader slightly over one other guy, nobody else is even close.Now this other guy is a neighbour of mine, this is the first time he has played with us, and he is quite frankly awful at poker, however he was getting extremely lucky, and to be honest, he scared me. He was calling with any pair, and quite often hitting 2-pair or trips on the river, or he'd be calling with
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