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  1. DN argues that she was a bad choice because McCain is old and could die at any time, essentially. What he doesn't understand is that most of the more serious conservatives (either fiscal or social) will be rooting for McCain to die with this choice. I'm being a little facetious, but at least his choice has a legitimate conservative background, unlike McCain himself.

  2. Only that, much like Sklansky, you seem willing to have and post about a "theory" on the Internet without the burden of actual evidence.
    Why put "theory" in quotation marks? Also, the evidence is her $200,000. I believe there is no possible chance that she won this money playing cash games.
  3. My theory is that David signed a contract with her such that he would get a percentage of all her poker winnings + a percentage of any endorsement deals she gets for a certain amount of time in exchange for $200,000 to play with during the WSOP + Poker Lessons. Sklansky is essentially betting on his own teaching skills and his belief that if a girl as young & attractive as Brandi can have a little success, she can make a lot of money away from the tables in the poker world.Any opinions on this?
  4. I'm headed to NYC this weekend (I live North of Boston) to visit some of my buddies from school. I was supposed to play golf tomorrow but that's cancelled because of rain. I'd LOVE to play some poker. Does anyone know of a poker room where they regularly play 1/2 or 2/5NL? If you could PM me, that would be great. I previously played at a room down there (NY Players Club) before it got busted and it kicked ***. I lost $200, but the room was cool and very professional imo. Anyway, if anyone knows anything, please let me know. Much appreciated.JTL

  5. She actually went pretty indepth with it over on NWP, if you really want to look for it. Her name there was TheSauce.
    I just tried looking for this and didn't see anything about any breakup? Could they have been deleted? Am I just a moron?
  6. So I called Bodog today about a cashout I requested on Monday morning. They were supposed to process within 24 hours but didn't. It turns out that they had just sent me an email this morning offering to send me a check via UPS instead of Western Union, because UPS is much faster. Not only that, but they actually pay for the UPS delivery. I was stunned.

  7. OK, so here's what's up: I have excellent results with live poker but have had horrific results online. I need some generic info about how winning players physically sit while playing online. I usually play on my laptop while lying on my couch. I rest the computer on my chest. Also, I usually have the tv on, but don't pay much attention. I think I just get too comfortable. Any opinions?

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