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  1. Don't know if Daniel reads this, but I wanted to thank him for taking the time to take a picture with me on Tuesday night at the Aria. It was one of the highlights of my trip. - other highlights include placing 3rd in a "real casino tourney" and finishing up $100 in my first $1/2 cash game. I'd also like to thank the player playing against him that let him know I was standing out there waiting for Daniel to finish up, though I never got his name. He looked familiar. Asian guy, wearing sunglasses (maybe that's why I couldn't recognize him.) I wouldn't have gotten into playing poker if it wa
  2. Here's a big question for Daniel Negranu, specifically. I'm thinking of games like HSP and PAD, where you're in these games, and you're literally playing high stakes against the best of the best. Why play against these guys? I mean, if you think Phil Ivey is the best poker player in the world, why are you sitting across the table from him with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in front of you? I mean, even if you think you're "just as good" as him, that still leaves it at 50/50... Why not play people you know you can outplay at a slightly lower limit? Do the appearance fees and the e
  3. Yeah, it was actually weird. I'd always raise to $0.50 no matter what I was playing. This didn't steal many blinds, of course, but it did usually knock out 1 or 2 players on a five-man board, increasing my odds of taking the pot. They also couldn't put me on a range... in fact, I got such a maniac reputation that they started needling me about playing every hand. (In reality, I was playing about 1 in every 2 and a half,). I was going to fold a BB with 45o, but then the guy to my right needled me about "And here comes $0.50 with nothing." So I played it. Raised $0.50 with nothing. Flop
  4. Oh, it's never gonna be "my gig." I've got a day-job. But like anything, getting good at something is fun. I doubt I'll ever get to the point where I'd make more money doing poker than I make doing my day job; I suppose if I get unemployed in 3-4 years (if my company folds) it might be something to fall back on if I get to that point. It's just a fun game to me, and I treat it seriously to learn how to play it, but I'm clear "sandlot" baseball level, here.
  5. Hi. I've been playing poker for real money - both online and in home games - for about a week now. In my very first home game, which was $10 buy-in (w/rebuys) $.05/.10 NLHE, w/5 players, I had $40 in chips in front of me at one point. At which point, I said I was cashing out -- (The other players convinced me to stay in, as the money wasn't really the point. I'm not just trying to get good at poker, I'm also trying to work on issues related to avoidant personality disorder... but I knew I'd lose the money on a bad beat - and I did. Hero AK vs Villian 22, board AA2xx I only ended the night
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