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  1. Out in 8th after patty super donked me on 7 stud. :POh well. 3 FT's in 3 tries this quarter!!!!!!!!!!See you all tomorrow night.Alpha
  2. I was chip leader for most of first hour. Probably not good for me.
  3. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Just doesn't seem like his style.
  4. Did DN just say f*ck me?? Kinda didn't expect that.
  5. This almost made me crap my pants. BTW, please don't wreck your car when I lay down a bad beat. I don't want that hovering over my soul for the next couple of days......
  6. Maybe that balloon guy will make Sabyl Cohen a balloon dildo. God knows she is probably in need of it. Although chances are that she would smother it pretty quickly.
  7. Going to be fun tonite. Going for 3 FT's in 3 entries this quarter. GL all.............
  8. Aight. I need something to cheer me up. I'm gonna go jack off and hope that we are up and playing when I'm back in 93 seconds.
  9. We are playing razz right now.........Oh god I knew doing shots when PS went down I was gonna be in trouble
  10. I typically go from the chip lead to out on the bubble, so...........Yeah, I'll go ahead and say good game when you inevitably take me out later.
  11. I'm not in the hand and now I'm tilting.God damn slowroll..................
  12. I think we should all just get like 1000 points for the trouble......
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