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  1. no player B was the dealer and did not relize his own cards.the result from the hand was they ended up splitting the pot even though player J did not think that was the right call.
  2. well also player b was the one who was dealing the cards. so he should have known what his cards were.
  3. now if in the casino and the dealer did not see it as well who would win??
  4. ok we play a $40 buy in cash game.there are 2 players in pot.player J & Bplayer J is all in on the turnplayer B calls and has player J coveredplayer J flips over his hand before the river is dealt and shows a full house 4's over 2'sriver is dealtplayer B flips hand face up and says to player J you got it.so player J rakes in the pot and the cards are collected to shuffle up.then player B says wait i had a bigger full house on the river.player J already has chips in his stack and says i did not even see your cards cuz you said you got it.another player from table confirms that player B did
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  6. is there any room in putnam and westchester county???
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