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  1. 45 vs 56 not being equal is because the low straight effect that tinkers with those percentages. 56 and 67 are the most similar hands against KK, meaning that 56 and 67 both lose on a board of 89TJQ because the other guy had a KK, so they have no higher straight discrepancies(but they have a very minor lower straight discrepancy). Where as with AA, 67s and 89s should have the same percentage chance to win and to tie, with 78 suited having a slightly higher chance to win, due to the straights that he can win with on both directions. Just a guess though.

  2. Thanks for your comments all, well, most of you.A few comment, I don't know what to tell you, long means long. I warned you, don't read a long post if you don't want to - that makes you an idiot.It's geology not geography.it was .25/.50 limit, it was a year ago, I don't play limit anymore and I know that I said the wrong thing. Yes, that does make everything I said a lie, obviously.I think its very funny that someone tried to write a concise report and then rambled on just like me, outstanding.I like reading other peoples trip reports or career summaries, so I made my own, it was mostly so I had it written out somewhere.

  3. My first year of online poker is complete and I thought it would be nice to write a summary of my experiences throughout the last year. I am a 25 year old Geology student living in Nebraska, playing poker for fun, a little money and hoping to get better in the process.On May 5th(yeah, so I am jumping the gun a bit) I deposited $82 onto Neteller using Instacash because I wanted to play immediately and I didn’t know any better. Well, after 5 days of waiting for them to call me and confirming my bank account info, etc., I finally deposited 50$ onto Ultimate Bet. I was now ready to win all the money (like Marcel Luske said - 'I need allllll the money').Not knowing what game was best for me I decided to sit down at a .10/.25 limit hold’em table. Three hours later and 40$ up I quit for the night. I just knew that I would never have to work again in my life. Poker was easy, I was good at it and most of the other players weren’t. 40$ a day could work out fine and I know that I will get better with time, ah, the easy life. I had read Skylansky and Malmouths advanced limit hold’em guide so I was familiar with selective starting hands, position, etc., but I had not practiced any of it, that is until that night. Two days later I made my first cash out, I took 30$ and left myself with 50$. Throughout the year this would prove to be a normal occurrence for me, I run well – I cash out. I never feel very comfortable with having more than 100$ online. And many times I would build my account to 100$ and then cash out $90 and try to grind the last 10 dollars to something over 25 so I could cash out again. My only bill, while living at home and going to school, was 100$ for a credit card each month. After cashing out things changed. I know that some of you are familiar with the post cash-out syndrome, whereas you cash out some money and then the poker site seems to hate your guts and you go on a big losing streak. I felt this bug more than once, I am not sure if I wholly believe in it, but it seems that way. So limit hold’em was starting to be a bore to me and I wasn’t a big winner at the lower stakes, damn you variance, so I decided to look to another game. I began to hit up the 5$ tournaments, both 10 person and heads up matches. While treading water in the 10 person tournaments at UB, losing a bit, I noticed that I could kill the heads up matches. During my first month of playing I was winning 40% of the total hands, but winning 60+% of the matched I played. I always knew when I was playing someone good and I would just avoid playing them again, the rest of the fishes at this level were easy to beat. Still I was cashing out almost all of my winnings and going broke was a bi-weekly event. I would make 25$, have 50$ in my account, cash out 40$ and lose the last 10$ - overall it is a profit but going bust still sucks. I didn’t know about bankroll management and winrates and all that other good stuff. Around this time I was bored with heads up games and I was itching to play something new. My brother told me about Omaha, I was hooked. For 3 months I was either at the penny tables(when my bankroll was low) or the .10/.25 PLO tables. The penny tables are no joke, I would every week or so take a 1 or 2 dollar buy in to over $20, I see that happen all the time there. The play is so poor and people don’t mind losing a dollar or two at a time. Around this time my bankroll was really building up, I had at one point 250$ in there, from the 25$ original redeposit. I said to myself that I was ready to move-up and play in the bigger PLO games at UB. So what did I do? I had a few beers, well if 10 is a few, and hit the table. I played 1$-2$ PLO and went bust-o in a few hours. PLO has high variance and I played OK but my hands just never held up (top set flopped loses to runner-runner straight). But that happens, especially with big draws, so playing out of my bankroll kicked my as, as it should. I tilted the last 100$ away, putting the last 50$ on a NL HE table and losing a 110$ pot with 9 high versus my 7 high(all in preflop – everyone limped to me on the button and I basically went all in with 75s to pick up the 20 bucks sitting in the pot and 98 was the only hand that called me – lol – it almost worked).But I swore off internet poker for awhile. It was late 2005 and I was up around 300$ at UB, could have been better, could have been worse. I began bonus whoring through PSO and I was by this time reading FCP regularly. I have posted in the past mostly in the PLO and Omaha H/L strat sections. Around the New Year I put some money on Pokerroom. I put on 11$, played 2 sit-n-goes and lost. I repeated that process two more times. But I new I could beat this game so one day I got fed up and put on 50$, this started the Pokerroom run. January through March I played in roughly 350 Sit-n-goes for mainly 5$ a piece(up to the 20$ ones a few times). I made 500$ profit playing these games just by folding and playing extremely tight (but pushing with pairs and AK). Some games I would fold down to 200 chips(yes, I would play 0 hands) and the blinds at 100/200 and there are 5 players remaining. Three double-ups later and I was the chip leader and ready to take the tournament down, that happened at least 3 times. I couldn’t have been playing more than 10% of the hands that I was dealt but I was constantly beating the game. That was a fun time. Since then I have been extremely card dead at Pokerroom, but I am still around 500$ made for 2006, I have no money on there right now, it is in my neteller account until I am in the mood to crank that back up again, I am giving it some time. Recently I took up Omaha H/L. I read a lot about all Omaha games online, and I found out that H/L has lower variance. I haven’t gone much past the penny tables with H/L yet, but so far I have been a big winner at this game. I like to play it heads up and just bet the pot over and over again, you know when you have a good hand and want to take it to a showdown for a 3/4 or a scoop and the times you get the other person to fold half of the pot makes this strategy easily the best way to go, at the low levels the players are just awful. I entered three 1$ Omaha H/L tournaments in the last week, the first one was shut down when UB went down ( I was in 3rd place with 50 people left), the second one I placed 15th(top 20 money) and the last one I won for 32$. So those tourneys seem to be very beatable. Last year I played in the 10$ PLO rebuy tournaments during the day, I played 3 times, invested 30$ each time and bubbled all three times(~90 players entered, top 10 payed, and I would always finish 11th-15th.) The next time I build a bankroll I will try to get back into those because one 500$ win would be a great and I think that I was close turning the corner and placing high.My most memorable hand in the last year was my biggest bad beat I suffered. Playing .10/.25 cent PLO H/L on Fulltilt clearing a PSO bonus I was dealt KK53 ds. The flop was 333 and I was bet into on all the streets by some guy that had 88JT, needless to say the turn and river were 88 and he stacked me, I will never put money on Fulltilt again, I saw too many weird things there. I also refuse to play at Partpoker or Pokerstars, I hate the graphics and I see weird things there too often also. My biggest hand won – NL HE .10/.25 I had doubled up to $50 and I was dealt 22 in MP. I called a raise to $1.25 and 5 people saw the flop. On the 972 flop I bet $7.50, the pre-flop raise guy min reraised me and I pushed, he flipped over TT and I won a 103$ pot. I won another 100$ pot in PLO, but I forgot the details.I have a first and second place in 5$ 30 player tournaments(one on UB and the other on PR). Those scores were for 40-60 bucks or something. I have played in only 6 of them, so I have done fairly well as I bubbled in one of them. Overall I am up 800$ in my first year of playing online poker. Due to playing sporadically and at the low limits that I was playing at I am fairly pleased. I easily tilt when I get bad beats against me and that is something I definitely need to work on. My overall game is solid, I play a Tag style and that seems to work best for me and I am mostly conservative in nature. My favorite game right now is Omaha High/Low but I still like to play Omaha High as well. I haven’t picked up playing limit HE since the first month I played. I know I can make myself into a winning player there, but I don’t want to devote the hard work. My bankroll management is very good – I say this because even thought I have gone broke 20 times or more in the past year, I had already cashed out a profit each time. Had I not cashed out each time I made some money I would never have gone broke all year – but I find that I feel most comfortable doing it that way. That really makes it hard to move up levels, but until I have a good paying job that is the situation that I am going to be in. Goals for year 2. Make money, preferably over $1,000, maybe more. Get comfortable with leaving several hundred bucks on a poker site. Play within my bankroll – keep as much money as I need to play at a level on the site and not move up until I have 300BB, or 30 buy-ins or whatever is required for what I am playing. Work very hard on the emotional side of the game, tilt less, let variance occur without thinking that poker is rigged. Play in some higher money games and get better at MTT’s. Play in 1 $100 tournament, see if I can cut it with the big boys (those deep-stack tournaments are great for me, I just try to play overpairs and sets very fast so I need to see a lot of hands.) I want to bang two chicks on a pool table (yeah, I know, random thought). I need to keep having fun playing and watching every televised poker event that I can. Keep having fun at the two weekly tournaments I play in ( I am up about $100 in live play this year – last 6 months). To all the people that flame this, thanks, you are useful and interesting. I also know that I should TP/MM and my blog is going to start up soon so I can keep you all informed… (ah, the sarcasm). But seriously, I hope that someone has found this interesting and maybe learned a thing or two in the process, it’s a long journey we are all on and it’s nice to spend some time playing a game that is as fun as poker is. If you see me at the tables then say what’s up, I am antedumb at UB and antedumb00 at pokerroom…

  4. for STT's it depends on the cost. For example you should be able to kill the 5$(maybe up to 40%? if you are killing them) tournaments if you are very solid and you should be able to squeek out 10%-20%(?) ROI on the high dollar ones if you are very good at them($100's +).My ROI is 35% for 5$ STT, that is over 500 or so. That is not enough of a sample, I would say around 3,000 to 5,000 should be in the ballpark for how well you are playing them. About MTT's, I am not sure, variance is a ***** for those. For instance two similar players could have entirely opposite ROI #'s just due to a few hot streaks and big cashes for one guy and a lack of "luck" at crucial times for the other. I guess that is why some say that MTT's are for suckers - I suck at them, so I agree.

  5. My true FTP story, happened 2 days ago... I posted it in the Omaha 8/b forum. I have KK35 ds, flop comes 333A guy min bets into me, someone else calls, I call. Turn 8.He bets into me again ( a larger bet), a caller, I raise and get the first guy to call me, the second guy folds.River 8.He bets his last few chips, I call, I see 88 of course. Runner runner quads when I flop quads. FTP, goodbye, back to UB for good.989-1 right? I have felt the sting of a perfect-perfect... and it sucks.

  6. O 8/b game at Full Tilt. I have played at Full Tilt before, to clear a bonus, and I had some bonus dollars left to clear there. I couldn't deposit money to Ultimate Bet last night, some problem with their software, so I figured I would put it on Full Tilt for the night. So I make a few bucks and then this hand occurs..10/.25 cent PLO8Late Position I call with KK53ds. Not the best hand obviously, amoungst these guys it was worth seeing a flop. 5 see the flop which comes 333.UTG best a quarter and I say "NO!, why are you betting into this pot, don't scare people away." UTG+1 calls, I call, everyone else folds. Turn an 8. OK, now we have a low to worry about, gotta price these guys out of it. UTG bets a buck, the next guy calls(?) and I pop it up. UTG calls, UTG+1 folds. River 8, board 33388.You know what the other guy had, there is no need for me telling you. Gets 70% of his chips in by 4th street drawing to 1 card - not to mention betting only a 88333 on the flop and a 88833 on the turn... I hate Full Tilt, I have been utterly card dead both times I have played there. I flopped quads twice and a straight flush once, in about 2 hours, oh, and I lost all of those hands(there were preflop pot bets and my holding were initially weak on the first two, so I tossed them - then the hand above happened). I NEVER hit trips once(hundreds of Omaha hands!), I was multi-tabling for awhile too, playing last night and today.It was a 14$ pot that I lost, I finished my time at full tilt down 5$, and it is over to UB now (made 25$ in less than an hour), but I cashed out the 44$ I put in(took 50$ out) have 16$ left. Anyone know what happens to the quality of your cards when you cash out at UB? I think I am in trouble. :club: End drunken bad beat rant now.

  7. wp.like the last post said, oop you can check this on the flop and play how they said to(when I first started playing Omaha I would check raise the flop... then I learned to go for the check/call the flop and check raise the turn with a baduga/straight-less board and top set). You got the perfect flop (top set over middle set), you likely get this players stack if the board pairs(Quads withstanding). BetOnBullets had a good wrap there for the straight, check folding the turn, against a made hand(at least one person has you beat - but they did not bet here - the next players call tells you that you are behind) is not a bad option(I like the play a lot). Attilahunx is wanting to throw their money away, keep that in mind.

  8. Well it depends on how much variance you can put up with. You have the third best hand on the flop, T6 and 66 beat you.If you want little variance play T6 only here for all your money.For a little more variance play 66. If you want more variance play AT with any 2 outs to an aces full house, or you could win/split with trips here.This is not an all in hand IMO, what else could the guy have that doesn't beat you or tie you?But it all depends on how you want to play.

  9. the Double Doyle Brunson a bad hand? I think not (sw)Anyways, you played this perfectly. Pot the flop, if anyone reraises then you have to repot it. You had the T987 guy dominated to 8 outs twice(to which you had bigger redraws), which in Omaha is about as good as you will get.You got it exactly right. If there was a straight or flush possibility on the flop, then yes, you are likely behind with a lot of check raising going on. But with top set here you have to make draws pay. A king was a good card to hit because no straight was made on 4th street, the only problem is that a duece is the only card that will not allow any straight to be possible on the river. That being said, you need to have all the money in by then and you are a huge favorite. You need anyone with overpairs to go away on the flop and weaker draws to pay(your hand is still a drawing hand on the flop, but the best current drawing hand).

  10. One villain had two pair the other a straight draw.  Oddly enough, my gutshot hit on the turn and I would have won the pot, but I didn't feel like I had nearly enough equity to make the call.
    That is why keeping it cheap could allow you to make your hand, IMO. Continuation bets work much less in PLO than in HE, that is my experience at least. Anyone with any draw comes along for the ride, checking at least allows the 4 out draw to come cheaply. Also stack sizes are so small that you(or your opponent) could be all in with a short stack by just raising preflop and potting the flop, he is forced to stay with any draw that the flop brings because of pot odds.
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