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  1. Can't wait to see Brenda all hot and sexy at ponderosa.
    Just watched it. I don't know if this needs a spoiler or not, well this info doesn't say who gets voted off next. Anyway, on the Ponderosa vid, apparently the next Tribal Council is the next day after Brenda got voted off.
    I liked Naonka's usage of the non-word pissatude last night.
    Pisstivity (sp?). This was a term used by Robin Harris.
  2. 1K seems like a reasonable amount of money for something that will clearly be viewed as a mistake in the future. Most of us make choices we will regret for free or even pay out of pocket. Besides, the dude probably does actually like ****.Alan, this guy may do something you wouldn't want your poker league associated with at some point in his life. js
    But if Alan ever goes to jail he'll at least he'll go in with having a rep.
  3. and I have been a Leaf Fan since the days of Ricky Lee, Dave Keon, Norm Ullman, Mike Pelyk, Ron Ellis, Paul Henderson, Eddie Shack etc , In fact I remember them winning that last cup of there's Serge. I used to go to the games wearing my Leaf jersey, with a sign cursing at Ballard. Because I sat only a few seats from his box. I also hung out with Mark Osborne when he played for the Niagara Falls Flyers as he was best friends with Nick Ricci, who was a close friend of my and he Played for Pittsburgs Penguins. Nick's mom and My mom where best friends, plus we went to school together. I travelled all over Ontario going to the flyers games. Plus my girlfriend who I went to paramedic training with married Steve Ludzik. On top of that I played street hockey with Ricky Lee, Don Lever, Jim Schoenfeld when I was 10 years old as they lived down the street from me and played Jr hockey In the Falls. So your right I know fk all about hockey. and Yes I still wear my Leaf Jerseys I have 2-3 of them
    I think she called serge a Hab.
  4. Seems like they really upgraded Ponderosa this season. Isn't it usually like upgraded camping? They have small rooms or huts, with cots or small beds, then like a clubhouse/common room where they eat and chill out?Alina looks like she's on a resort vacation. Big ass house, nice rooms, sweet pool.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc9oOLa34XU...player_embedded
    HUGE upgrade to where they normally stay. But I think living in the resort will be a bit less personal. At the other Ponderosas they always interacted well with each other, but here it will allow them to be separate from one another. I think I would prefer the other Ponderosas.
  5. How many times have you seen four of a kind today?
    I never said any poker site is rigged, but there is no poker site which I have played at, whose card system is indeed random. I saw four of a kind 5 times yesterday. It's extremely difficult to create a program based off of randomness because programs run how they are told to. It's hard to tell something to be random.
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