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  1. I tuned in to Ponderosa for the first time this season to see some fireworks, but it was pretty boring. Marty, Brenda, and Alina all acknowledged their distaste for what happened, but they just seem to want to make the best out of the rest of their time in Nicaragua. So everyone is ok with each other. Which makes sense since they are basically now on vacation and they don't want it to be ruined, but it is just boring to watch.
    If they go to the reunion I really hope Jeff snubs them and doesn't ask them squat.
  2. I had no idea what was going on, as I've only seen one movie, but I thought it was pretty stupid. I understand that people love the books, but I don't think I can stomach seeing another one of these.My problem with the first one I saw was the sport with the flying golden ball, where the team works really hard to score a bunch of points and are up like 20-0 and then Harry catches the ball and the game is immediately over. Has the author never watched a sport before?My main problem with this last movie was how Harry can do all of these wonderful magic tricks, including but not limited to, teleportation, invisibility, making a tiny tent huge inside, etc... but when he's in a basement he can't figure out how to pick a lock on a gate. My wife was all, "BUT HE DIDN'T HAVE HIS WAND!". Really? He's completely useless without his wand? Why doesn't everyone just try to get a good wand then, instead of treating Harry like he's so great. I mean, ****, McGuyver would have been out of that basement quicker than Harry.
    Ok, nevermind, no point in debating with you Kurt.
  3. "plain and simple the A10 is beyond a terrible call" I tend to agree, but it's alos dependant on other things. Maybe patterns and table dynamic prompted a less-than-optimal call?And when is/did the Twitter Protocol handbook come out? Can't people post whatever they want. even if they have to suffer repercussions?
    I think the Tweet is fine, obv there are repercussions, it's the posting of the AIM that was uncalled for.And also agree with your first statement, I would think that call is usually dependent on villain, ma, hero, table dynamics.
  4. I still can't believe you passed up a 320 sick structure tourney w like 400k overlay to drink with your friends apparently @ your house on a Tuesday while your friend who had an avg buyin of $6 radomly decided to play it at your house and buyin to a tourney 54x the size of his regular game.
    Have to agree with looshle.
  5. The guy has a right to write whatever he wants on his Twitter. Alot of people use Twitter as their own "diary", but people do have to remember that people read those tweets, so you're sometimes going to have to deal with the repercussions. What is definitely wrong was posting the AIM convo, that is usually more of a private way of communicating.

  6. bumperrrsJust turned 21 a couple months ago but hadn't had a chance to hit up any casinos, just been playing at charity poker rooms the past couple years.Anyway yesterday I got a chance to go checkout the poker room at the majestic. I'd heard shitty reviews on it, but overall it wasnt too bad. Got there last night around midnight and they had two $1/$3 NL games going and a $1/$1 $40min/$100max which I didn't know they ran. Played the 1/3 for a couple hours and left up $150. Proceeded to lose a third of that in Caribbean Stud Poker before I left, haha.Definitely wanna go back to nutbar the $1/$1 for a while.Any FCPers over there frequently? Or does everybody go to the Horseshoe nowadays? Really excited to check out the Horsehoe soon as I've heard awesome things.
    I think everyone goes to the Horseshoe for the most part. Just call poker room ahead to get your name on list tho.
  7. Yeah really! Some people need to look up from their computer screen and realize the world is more than furtive trips to 7-11 and triple dead bolts on the door.This is my first visit to Mexico City and granted I'm staying in the Santa Fe district which I understand is one of the nicer ones but I have to say I've been very impressed with the city, the people and the security. There are security and police visible all over the place, shiny new office buildings with pretty spectacular architecture, expensive cars and great restaurants. It's also pretty reasonable compared to other large cities though hotel prices are pretty crazy (mine is $400/night and I would compare it to a Hyatt or Sheraton while the price is more in line with the Four Seasons).Take away the narrow zone along the US border that's dominated by narco traffickers and sweatshops and you have a huge country with a lot of history and pride as well as some pretty damn fine Tequila.Still no poker though I did score a suite at the Azteca stadium to see the soccer semifinals on Thursday.
    I mean, I know exactly what you mean and agree that Mexico is a beautiful country, but things are just so screwed up all over Mexico right now, even I don't want to go and visit my families out there. At any given time you can be pulled over on some road or whatever. It's kinda like Colombia back in the days of Escobar.
  8. Congrats, Gallo!If you are truly upset with me, I apologize but I had already selected 4 horses and the tournament was underway when you repsonded...And I'll play you HU4rollz if you want to settle this on the felt, sir
    looooooooool no.I'll play you HU4Rollz on Stars. but I just have like $2 & change. :club:
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