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  1. Jcash has owned me $550 since early November. I've sent him a few PMs last couple months but haven't heard anything from him since December. Be careful booking any sports bets with him.
    Wow, this kinda surprises me. I always thought he was a stand up guy, never met him but from what I had seen and heard he seemed like a cool guy. I know that PSUfans talked to him a bit. Maybe you contact him to see if he could get a hold of jcash.
  2. Since the first show is tonight maybe you guys should do it after this week with top 20 or w/e it is.
    Isn't it 2 shows, then they vote someone off on Thursday? If we get 12 people at like $25 or w/e, I think we can have something done before then. It would be random anyway, so it would be faster.
  3. So Highway, are you saying that DNA's fold of 99 was good vs these 2 players?

    this is about as homoriffic as anything I've seen tonight ....PokerStars Game #55831296743: Tournament #345122701, $5.00+$0.50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2011/01/12 21:12:48 ETTable '345122701 3' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: stugots76 (1664 in chips) Seat 2: dna4ever (3545 in chips) Seat 4: Blue Baboon (2368 in chips) Seat 5: MaxStPolish (2490 in chips) Seat 6: BIGRICKY2413 (2693 in chips) Seat 7: kosintrouble (3730 in chips) Seat 8: *MELINA 07* (4410 in chips) is sitting outSeat 9: TrueAce13 (3100 in chips) dna4ever: posts small blind 10Blue Baboon: posts big blind 20*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to dna4ever [9h 9c]MaxStPolish: folds BIGRICKY2413: folds kosintrouble: folds *MELINA 07*: folds TrueAce13: raises 40 to 60stugots76: folds dna4ever: calls 50Blue Baboon: raises 160 to 220TrueAce13: raises 335 to 555dna4ever said, "WTF"kosintrouble said, "lol"dna4ever: folds Blue Baboon: raises 595 to 1150TrueAce13 said, "gtfo"TrueAce13 said, "phil"TrueAce13: raises 595 to 1745Blue Baboon: calls 595
  4. that's why a bigger raise is needed (IMHO) w/ AK in that spot.....take down the pot right there, or get heads up vs. that one initial opponent, drive out the rest.....especially the BB w/money already in the pot......w/fairly deep stacks relative to the blinds at that point, the implied odds for the BB on the draw w/money already in the pot w/ KJ are too high to fold to a 3bet. The weak pre-flop bet, and possibility of a 3 way pot, just invites the BB to call.
    BB cold-called a 3bet with KJo and wasn't even last to close the action. j/s
  5. yes, misplayed for sure, but it happens. Your Pre-flop raise not big enough w/ AK in a 3 way pot. Perhaps you could have raised more to isolate heads up and take the odds (express & implied) away from the BB to make the call. Then again on the flop.......a 1/2 pot sized bet isn't going to push anyone off an open-ended straight draw, (or better) especially w/money behind. If you felt you were ahead....perhaps bet more ??? The BB call pre-flop and on the flop should have had you thinking that PERHAPS the BB was on a big draw, so the 2k bet on the turn was also a no no. After a call/call/call from the BB.....you CHECK and call the river with just top pair. Not good. Bigger pre-flop raise w/ AK knocks the BB out of the hand. My 1st FCP tourney, was 2nd in chips at the final table, but got knocked out in 9th place. Fun little tourney. Will play again for sure.....
    Looks like there was only 1 person in the pot before she 3bet.
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