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  1. Women are not equal to men. People often confuse equal rights with equal ability. Just because we grant women equal rights (and it is right to do so) does not mean we need to pretend they are identical to men in all of their skills. They are are clearly biologically different, and therefore are better than men at some things and worse at other things -- like basketball for example. To recognize this is not sexism.In this case their is a clear cultural reason why women are not in general as good as men at poker, and potentially deeper biological reasons, although that part is debatable. It's not sexist to notice this or to somehow account for it.
    Correct, your simply being observant.
    His wife actually stood behind him while he typed that out.
  2. feral_cow_icon.gifMilked from the teat of a feral cowCereus No Limit Hold'em $0.25/$0.50 - 6 playersButton: $130.99 (Hero)SB: $132.60 BB: $41.85 UTG: $50.00 UTG+1: $50.05 CO: $51.60 Preflop: ($0.75) Hero is Button with 9h.gif9d.gif (6 players)3 folds, Hero raises to $1.50, SB folds, BB raises to $5, Hero calls $3.50Flop: ($10.25) Th.gif7s.gif6h.gif (2 players)BB bets $5, Hero raises to $57.50, BB calls $31.85 and is all-inTurn: ($104.60) Ks.gif (2 players)River: ($104.60) 3d.gif (2 players)BB showed Kh.gifAs.gif, One pair, kings Hero showed 9h.gif9d.gif, One pair, nines BB won $80.45(Rake: $3)
    Why not just get it in AIPF instead?
  3. lol, no, i meant me :club:.it just got to the point that i knew that a fair number of regs i played against regularly were reading all of my strat posts and advice and that it was costing me pretty significantly in terms of winrate. i had to change my general style a bit and quit posting publicly to get it back. i'm pretty sure a lot of others would say the same.
    It's not because of that, it's because you suck.
  4. Thanks for the response Gallo!
    Hand 122: Hmm, I thought there was a raise. Maybe I saw it wrong.Edit: NM, I did see it wrong, I hought the limper raised for some reason.Hand 717:Why r/r on the flop? Did you think he was FOS? I mean, I know there's a couple of draws there.I thought he would have been 3b pf with an A here. If he 4b shoves the flop obv it's a fold, but yea, I thought he was C/R with air for the most part.Then let him barrel, no?
  5. Hand 35: You have JJ, why not just get it on the turn? He's either got something or not, so he probably won't pay you off on river if he's bluffing. He's probably not folding a 10 either.Hand 122: IDK if I like calling with A8o OOP.Hand 200: Is this standard (shoving 99 there)? Haven't played for awhile, so just wondering.Hand 322:Why not just call PF with 88? Reason I ask is because for the most part that's what you've been doing with smaller pairs than 99.Hand 587:A4o standard call there? Like I think it's ok to fold there and conserve some chips. I know he could be shoving wide.Hand 717:Why r/r on the flop? Did you think he was FOS? I mean, I know there's a couple of draws there.Hand 823: HU with AJhh. Why not just let him barrel off on the river if you think you're good or were you repping the Q?That's pretty much it. You seem to like to 3bet Yoda, huh? :PCongrats again!!

  6. but if I put it all in pre, he folds I get no action period. were at least maybe he might of put something in on flop and I would of pushed anyways, regardless of him betting or not. I was pushing on flop. If I didn't think nutz was going to call me I would of gone all in pre flop, he has been raising my blinds every time , lol I know his game if he can push me around and get away with it he would of. As a rule I generally do not slow play Aces or Kings but knowing his play I knew he already raised me and I wanted to get max action out of him. Also I need to mix of my play once in a while and not always push with the nuts. I agree with pushing 99% of the time, but then there that 1% when you have to mix up your play. He is one player I will change my game with as he knows my a bit too well.
    There are so many things wrong about the hand and your explanation, where does one begin?You don't have enough chips to "mix it up". Get it in pre, he shouldn't be folding because that would be a worse play than yours.You say that you wanted him to put something in on the flop, um you were first to act and YOU SHOVED!!! lol you didn't even give him a chance to put anything in on the flop. But it shouldn't have come to this anyway, shove preflop.
  7. I will concede your point on the video. I do not watch extra content online. I still think Sandra is overated--- Just my opinion but you suck so I will keep you around is blah gameplay.are you really trying to make a point with the bolded statement. one idiot votes on a number system so the entire JURY did not vote based on game play. You do realize that a jury is not defined by the actions of one. Everyone hated Richard but they stated I don't agree with it but I have to respect your game play. It was like a broken record as each one cast there vote. If Richard would have been in front of this jury he would not have had to worry about tax evasion!
    Richard won 4-3, so apparently not EVERYONE respected his gameplay.
  8. I could not disagree more with this --- she did not try to take Russell out. Telling Rupert to do it was horrible. Nobody on the heroes tribe believed Rupert had any brains--- You might as well ask a plumber to wire you house. I mean Russell dominated this game but several weeks he was there for the taking. I mean every week I kept thinking there gonna get him this week. Sandra never got it done. Sandra admiited serveral times after her alliance was gone that her only remaining goal was to get Russell out. She used ridin coattails the entire game. (In challenges, alliances and jury votes) I mean she was tryin to pass the buck on her one goal, gettin rid of russell. A truly great player comes up with a plan and makes sure it happens. You do not come up with a plan and hope someone else does it for you. laughable-- This shows how lucky she was to win. She knew without the jury being petty she would not get the votes. I wish we could go back to the good old days of Richard and pornstar Brian when the jury voted based on gameplay. They were both hated but won in an appropriate landslide. I hated Russell but he would have gotten a tip of the hat from me and my vote as well---
    Um, no. She told the whole Heroes tribe. She didn't just tell Rupert. I think there were some clips on CBS.com or I think they showed it on TV that she didn't only tell Rupert. Someone even mentioned she told others. Also there was that time when she sat with the Heroes tribe and said she would vote with them to vote out Russell, but Candice swayed, she was scared. Yes, Candice was intimidated by Russell. She tried to get Russell out because it seemed everyone was just intimidated by him, also in Ponderosa they mentioned that people wanted to keep Russell in the final 3 because they knew there was no way that Russell would get votes.I'm not saying that Russell didn't play a good game to get to the end, but I think people are overlooking stuff that Sandra actually did to stay and make it as far as she did.All the jury in the first season voted based on gameplay? Pick a number between 1-10 and I'll tell you if you're right.
  9. I thought Lee and Crystal did a great job last night. Overall Lee did the best, but Crystal's Paul McCartney song was my favorite of the night.
    I thought Casey's performance was very good tonight. Too little, too late, but it was still better than last nights. I mean, if he would've interacted with the corwd more during the season instead of his final performance I think he would've had a legit shot at winning.
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