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  1. Second post to Ms DiukeMs. Duke,With all due respect, what is the functional difference between “Destroying” an event, and “Having it removed from the schedule”, or having the event “not exist”?————————————————-Annie Duke Wrote:“Before I get into why I think the event should be removed from the schedule, I want to say from the start that I have no disrespect whatsoever for anyone woman who plays in the event. I believe strongly in personal choice and if a fellow woman chooses to participate in the event then more power to her. I get why someone would love playing it. All I hope is that every w
  2. My post on Annie Duke's site:Ms. Duke, while you are clearly an intelligent and successful person, I feel your energy and effort regarding this issue is a waste of your valuable time and God given talents. Why choose such a small, insignificant womens’ issue to champion? I think you have a self serving, hidden agenda with regard to this issue, although I’m not quite certain what it is. While it is well within your right to express your views on any issue, your attempts to help women by destroying something they obviously enjoy and find great value in seem counterproductive. If you don’t believ
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