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  1. LOL @ telling someone who runs his own coaching site about other sites where he can get coaching.
    Opportunity to steal some talent away, imo. He's literally the best coach out there. I wasn't saying go learn from him and try to get accepted as a student of his, was just saying, look at this dude that plays the stakes you're talking about and listen to how well thought out and thorough (and genius) his thought process is.But yeah, I see the dig. It wasn't intended that way, I tried to word it very carefully :club:
  2. No disrespect meant to any mid limit grinders. I just don't have any desire to be one. Also, if I was able to break even, or compete at the 100-200 level over an extended period of time, don't you think adjusting to a mid limit game would be that much easier? It's like playing snooker vs 9-ball. If you practice on a snooker table with really tight pockets, when you actually go back to 9-ball the holes look like buckets and you just won't miss a shot. It seems easy by comparison.
    I agree with most of your post and I wanted to point out that I think this is a fine analogy. I just doubt that you can compete/break even over an extended period of time at 100-200. But right now you are doing so, and more power to you, it's awesome to outplay/win/go on a heater as you are trying to learn. I just think you could easily get stuck 150-200k and be like "wtf just happened I'm on their level, I'm playing better than them, I'm unlucky!!" when from looking at HH and decisions it seems like you aren't playing as sound as a high stakes NLHE player does.But I def agree if you can breakeven/win at those limits you'd obv do at least as well in a midstakes game. I'm usually a believer in the "higher the stakes the tougher the game," except for made for TV stuff like HSP. I will say that I think the difference between a crushing 5-10nl reg and a nose bleeds player is very minimal though.I'm not sure if you are familiar with DrGiggy, but here is his Table Ratings, almost all of which is 2-4nl and 5-10nl.giggykiller.jpgHe coaches on Phil Galfond's site, bluefirepoker. I think if you watched a video of his (especially deep stacked play) you would have a lot of respect for the mid stakes killers and probably learn a shitload. He's literally the best person I've ever seen discuss poker and deep stacked play.Edit: He's got a cool accent and he's from Canada, so the least you can do is give him a try :club:
  3. Well you are definitely wrong about one thing and that's the best approach to get better in terms of the learning curve. If you can afford it, playing against the very best players is the best approach.
    No, I'm not. I can state my opinion and present it as fact too!Edit: Nvmd I don't wanna fight. Congrats.
  4. I think he's played around 1600 hands which is of course not a lot and proves nothing but still better to be winning than losing.The game doesn't really go without Daniel starting it and it usually breaks when he leaves. It's actually a great situation for Daniel to be in for improving on his game. He knows that he can get a game pretty much anytime he wants.
    Definitely better to be winning than losing. I mean I'm sure Daniel is aware that he is viewed as the fish as you are pointing out. I guess my thinking is, that if he wanted to challenge himself to improve he could sit at small-mid stakes and still find a challenge for probably much cheaper. He'd also probably learn quicker as well, or at least find out what level he was at. Like if he sat at 2-4/5-10nl I'd think he'd be surprised to find out that people would still think he was the fish (games would def build around him, etc. Not saying he would be like a prime fish, I think he'd be small loser/breakeven/small winner). Games would start, only he'd have the benefit of also getting in games with some soft spots. I don't have enough money to prop bet Daniel, but I'd be really surprised if Daniel played a 30k hand month of 2-4/5-10nl on Stars and came out significantly ahead (4bb/100 or so). That's not intended to be a huge knock on him, it's meant to say how much tougher the games are today and how many people play NLHE really solid. I think if he were serious about addressing his leaks he would start there and move up as he figured out he was above that learning curve. IMO he's skipping a lot of steps in the learning process by jumping in the highest games. I think simple retorts like "Not folding, I'm in position" to midstakes winners like Snamuh kind of point out that misjudgment in thought process.I don't know his motivation for playing high stakes and he can play however high he pleases, but I think he's misguided if he thinks his skill is on par for those games or if he thinks that is the best way to improve. Maybe if he also hired a coach and played those huge games he could advance rapidly, and who knows he might be doing that.
  5. I think you made a good fold I guess if you think your good on turn and going to call shoving is always better just not sure what pays us off here maybe ksqs
    And no. If you think you're good you're ahead of mostly bluffs so you call and let him fire his 3rd barrel. Shoving is pretty bad. ZJ sized up betting so the river bet is going in, it's like 14k into 25k, let him shove the river if you are going to call turn, then call river imo.
  6. I don't think that Daniel minds me saying that he doesn't mind the table being tough since maybe his main purpose in playing these games is to gain experience and to improve on his NL Holdem cash game. Usually every other player at the table is a winning 25/50 regular at least.Of course it makes it easier when you're winning and Daniel won another $21K or so last night and has been the biggest winner at 100/200 at Stars this month so far.
    Is it more than the 1200 hands he's played so far? Seems like the game will likely run whenever DN wants it to, but I don't know how to filter PTR well or anything, so it only shows til March 5th.
    No thanks. Not a big fan of folding in position.
    I'm not really sure what you want to do with the hand, then. If you think he's 3betting wide and want to play ATo as a bluff catcher then you should probably commit to catching bluffs and not folding to a second barrel. I definitely don't know the thought process behind a 100/200 game with some sickos, but I would think that he's double barreling here a lot. That card gives him a lot of OE straight draws, he flopped okay for gutshots/OE draws and he probably can clear out your 33-77 type hands a lot with a 2nd barrel. I think you're still ahead of a lot of bluffs (if ZJ 3 bets aggro, which he probably does) and you're also ahead of a lot of hands he could be value betting here.Also what do you think his 3b range consists of? I would think JQ would flat more than 3bet, he has a lot of guttys/high card hands/pair+ straight draw hands/2pr/straights/overpairs. I think the last 3 make the smallest part of his range, and if people knew you were throwing away tptk here they'd have a field day running you over. I guess I just think folding that there is way too exploitable and if I were going to make that fold I'd be keeping it to myself so they weren't aware of just how tight I'm calling off.
  7. I think it's a standard spot to bet. I'd double barrel and be prepared to fire the river too, he's not folding overpairs ever or even like AJ, but he has a lot of 1dia high card hands. By checking you are just giving up, SB can literally have any 2 cards and once this flop gets checked and not c/r BB is basically saying he has a medium strength hand that you can push him off. Obv you fold if you get c/r but getting c/r off of a hand where you have the bad side of a tsraight draw and any dia hurts you isn't bad at all. You have at most 6 outs.By betting flop you get to turn your hand into a bluff right off the bat and still can hit good cards. If you aren't going to attack good boards in position you probably aren't going to turn a profit with suited connectors by playing them just for value. It's pretty close though.I think betting every street and folding to a raise is by far the most profitable way to play this hand.

  8. so i know most are against limping pre.. but as played river?reason i completed SB is that i dont mind taking 10 8 suited multiway as im not stacking off hitting top pair and such.Full Tilt Poker $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players - View hand 519544The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History ConverterMP: $7.08CO: $1.54BTN: $10.51Hero (SB): $10.00BB: $4.00UTG: $3.55Pre Flop: ($0.15) Hero is SB with 8 :club: T :ts1 fold, MP calls $0.10, CO calls $0.10, BTN calls $0.10, Hero calls $0.05, BB checksFlop: ($0.50) 7 :4h 9 :jh 6 :5c(5 players)Hero bets $0.30, BB folds, MP calls $0.30, CO folds, BTN foldsTurn: ($1.10) 6 :3h(2 players)Hero bets $0.90, MP calls $0.90River: ($2.90) 5 :qh(2 players)no stats or reads here either... second hand at table.. but i noticed while waiting for BB that it was limpfest table(reason i sat honestly, and not to limp along with them either) and 2 people had called down with middle pairs
    You're the small blind. Doing anything but completing there is pretty bad. Completing in the small blind is very normal/standard to do as long as it isn't just you and the BB left, then either raise or fold. Pot flop or at least 40c. I think checking to c/r is pretty good too though, lotta limpers, someone has some cards that hit that flop and they'll bet you can c/r and just crush someone holding pair + 8 or just an 8 all day long. Either way betting pot or close to it every street or c/r is much better than that small weak ass bet. You're betting into 4 people, when would you ever value bet that small? When would you ever bluff that small? There's just never a good time to bet 60% into that many people on that drawy of a board.Edit: Also bet big and don't fold river no matter what.
  9. If you don't have a full tilt account you can get it for free through cardrunners.com. Think there's a link there or something. Get Rakeback/HEM for free as long as you play X amount on Full Tilt. You might have a tough time playing the amount they want at 1c-2c though. If you wanna play seriously you need HEM. If you wanna play seriously you need to have a roll bigger than 1c-2c. So you need both imo. If you had $200 I'd put $150 in my roll and $50 into hem and play 5c-10c on AP. MAke sure you get rakeback, it'll pile up money for you.

  10. I think the locks were warranted. If you wanna shoot the shit come in here and post. If you want to be trolling, then you should get threads locked and possible bans. RT just being RT isn't really an excuse. I mean maybe Zach shouldn't be a mod because he doesn't post here anymore, that seems fine, not because he closed those threads.

  11. Nah just on AP, played on FT for a couple days played on FT for most of the summer. Might go back. I don't play HU at all, just try and start tables all the time. Action is on the huge decline and AP is a dying ship but the bonuses and stuff are great. The games are absolutely not soft anymore and too many people are really nitty with game selection. Most fish know of TR now and won't start games with a good reg, but other regs don't understand that and refuse to play HU. Ryan and I are going to hafta play a lot of HU against each other to start games which is kind of annoying because I think he's really good and because we share our ideas and strategy with each other the most. And winning each other's money isn't that fun either, but we're two of the only regs that understand we need to generate action so fish will sit.

  12. Tim I just don't believe you. I don't believe that even OOP if a fish 3-bet you for not even 3x your initial raise, and you had QTs, that you'd instamuck when 170bbs deep. Now you can say, "well we don't know he's a fish," and there's merit to that, but imo this hand's still too good to fold to a small raise, and his small raise tells us that he's not very goodFold otf seems premature. Villain's put out a weak bet and we have 4 outs to the nuts (w/the Ad on board we can't really put him on a flush draw) and BD hearts. Had he bet ~pot I'd just fold. Board's constituted in such a way that we can steal the pot later. I definitely made a mistake on the turn though. I had planned to lead on a scary turn and barrel the river, but then I picked up the pair, and I badly decided to check and try to get a free card because he's probably going to c/b a decent amount. I got lucky that the river came perfectly
    Sigh...I'm not sure if I feel like writing this all out or how well written it will be. First off, we really don't know this guy is a fish. All we have is betting patterns I guess....and the fact that he's got 170bbs in front of him at a 100bb table. Fish don't usually win and fish that do win don't usually stay seated in games. So I don't think there is a spot on read that this guy is a fish. Even if we agreed that this guy sucks and he's a fish, that's very general. Most fish that I know call too much, not 3b too much, kind of important. IF you want to play suited connectors/gappers in a 3b pot you should play them against someone with a wide 3betting range. It's the exact opposite of concept of set mining.When you set mine you want a guy to have a really strong range... like QQ-AA. So if you hit, he has an overpair and he won't fold and you get his stack. Well when you have suited connectors/gappers you want the guy to have a weaker range. Your money come from flopping draws with suited connectors/gappers. A draw! So it's not a made hand, and people don't fold overpairs...you can't semi-bluff someone profitably that isn't folding, so ideally you want villain to have whiffed AQ or something and you c/r he folds and you win the pot 100% of the time right there.This is one of the reasons I think folding pf is a superior play. But yes there are many more....Despite what it may seem by having deeper stacks, calling 3bs OOP is WORSE the deeper you get. I know most people only focus on the "Well he has 170bbs!" thought and that it'll just be all yours if you flop gin. Well, you don't flop gin very often and when you do it's really fucking hard to get paid. You shouldn't go into the hand thinking about all of the money you're going to get when the flop comes QT2 and he has AA. Those situations are sooooo standard and I think you'd be surprised to find out that AA doesn't fair that terrible even when you do flop huge. If he has the Ad and you flop a flush you don't have him crushed, if you flop two pair and he has an overpair he has board pairing outs, set outs, and running straight outs. These are the examples when you actually run him down and flop huge on him when he's holding a huge hand. In the most optimistic examples you still aren't really happy.Much more often you'll miss the flop or hit a small piece. Now you're in a tough situation. If you flop a flush draw and get it all in you're a dog to an overpair as we've gone over with the "semi-bluffing". If you flop a pair how many streets are you calling? What about when you just flat out miss? What boards are you c/f what boards are you running a bluff on? You sure as hell aren't going to turn profits just playing your hand for value. If you decide to run a bluff what cards do you continue on, how often will you triple barrel, how often do you think this guy is folding? A lot of this stuff you need reads on or history, just another reason why calling that first 3bet is so difficult. It's compounding mistakes.It's a much smaller mistake imo if you call this 3b and you're 100bbs deep. If you call with something like QThh then it would be because you think his 3b range is too wide. Then you can c/shove on him whenever you flop almost anything. You can check/shove 678 flop with a gutshot and two overs, you can c/shove T22 board for value because you think he might snap with 77 or because you can pick off his cbet when he has just two random cards. By calling when you are deep OOP you don't have that weapon because the stacks are too deep to check shove, so you can only c/r and too something reasonable and then you are playing a big pot OOP with a decent amount of play left.All that I have written so far is if we think the 3betting villain has only a super strong range like QQ-AA/AK. So what if you think he has a really weak range? How is that going to change the dynamics of the hand? Will it make calling the 3b better or worse?Also, I really don't know how to make you believe me, but it doesn't matter. I would fold a ton of the time here, like I'd have to think of specific villain types to not fold against and they are few and far between. I think I can probably call wider than you can because I think I'll make less mistakes post flop than you, like I'd c/r this flop and I'd have plans for lots of other boards. Even with that I still wouldn't normally call here without specific reads on villain. I'll post more if people decide to come up with plans of attack against a villain that is 3betting wide, because I don't want to lecture about every way to play a 3bet pot with various holdings if no one is interacting, there's already too much info on the internet about poker. Come up with the range you think he 3bets and how you think he proceeds with his full 3betting range on various boards.
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