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  1. I love playing for a living, money awesome and i have never had a more stable income. The hours are amazing, you can take a vacation whenever you want play whenever you want, you just gotta be disciplined with your money and your time. He seems like a great guy but maybe he just wasnt as good as he thought he was.

  2. I have played ONLY on Goldenpalace.com since I began playing poker online. This house is in Tulsa, Ok. Poker did not pay for %100 of this house, I am selling some real estate in Az, and made a nice profit from that, but poker did pay for a substancial amount.
    if u dont mind im curious how much like that is worth in tulsa
  3. Farha is getting very lucky with the cars hes been getting.The good reads hes made hasnt made or saved nearly as much as he won getting good cards and catching rivers.The deck is just slapping Daniel around tho. :club:
    he played horribly on this eposide and i dont think anybody can deny that, but i guess its normal after getting some of the sickest beats in previous episodes, calling stupaks re raise without the proper implied odds or pot odds, and then calling with mid pair after farha fired at it on all 3 streets.Farha played incredible this episode is reads were DEAD on,, he plasy extremely lag
  4. i been playing for a living for almost 2 years and i have never had a losing week, but the last 2 days ive had a 8 max buy in downswing at 5 -10nl, I think this is a great experience i have kept my cool for the most part and i think my game is a+ right now except i think i was playing way 2 many tables, i was 9 tabling and my game as suffered, i will be going down to 4 tables

  5. Disclosure to Third Parties Other Than NETELLER Customers NETELLER will not sell or rent any of your personally identifiable information to third parties. NETELLER will not share any of your personally identifiable information with third parties except in the limited circumstances described below, or with your express permission. These third parties are limited by law or by contract from using the information for secondary purposes beyond the purposes for which the information is shared. We share information with companies that help us process the transactions you request and protect our customers' transactions from fraud, such as sharing your credit card number with a service that screens for lost and stolen card numbers. Additionally, if you go into a negative balance and owe us money, we may share information with processing companies including collection agencies. We disclose information that we in good faith believe is appropriate to cooperate in investigations of fraud or other illegal activity, or to conduct investigations of violations of our User Agreement. Specifically, this means that if we conduct a fraud investigation and conclude that one side has engaged in deceptive practices, we can give that person or entity's contact information (but not bank account or credit card information) to victims who request it. We disclose information in response to a subpoena, warrant, court order, levy, attachment, order of a court-appointed receiver or other comparable legal process, including subpoenas from private parties in a civil action. We disclose information to your agent or legal representative (such as the holder of a power of attorney that you grant, or a guardian appointed for you). As with any other business, it is possible that NETELLER in the future could merge with or be acquired by another company. If such an acquisition occurs, the successor company would have access to the information maintained by NETELLER, including customer account information, but would continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy unless and until it is amended as described in Section A above. We share your information with our parent, subsidiaries and joint ventures to help coordinate the services we provide to you, enforce our terms and conditions, and promote trust and safety.
    You have got me worried i will try and speak to my accountant i mite wanna declare more this year
  6. Maybe you are correct I really dont know, but neteller is linked to either your bank account or credit card...I am pretty certian that the CRA if preforming an audit can get access to this information. I am not saying an audit is likely I am just sayin
    i dont think neteller as any obligation to give out any of there clients information to the cra i mite be wrong tho
  7. Kudos to you my friend you are far ahead of the curve. If the CRA really wanted access to your neteller information they could get it.
    WHat i do is that i deposit to my bank 1,100 a week annd the rest in cash, how would they have acess to neteller? how would they know i use neteller? and neteller is in no way obligated to give up my info?
  8. I live in montreal and i play online poker for a living. I pay taxes on my earning but it is so hard for them to trace or to find out exactly how much i make. Neteller offers cashouts with a neteller debit card , so u are basically getting the money in cash. I payed taxes on 60k this year, basically the min to explain my lifestyle, condo, car, etc.. If i get audited they will never have access to poker accounts or my neteller accounts. Because poker is my only source of income my accountant says i dont have much choice but to pay .

  9. Just found the title of this funny. I mean come on 10/20 nl if you're making 2 buy ins a week you are in the top 1% in the US as far as income goes.
    that was not the point , the point is thats hes gringing all day playing like 12 hours a day only to loose all is profits playing at a higher game later on. He plays at the bellagio and makes side bets for incredible amounts like 25k+ so why is he playing 12 hours of 10-20 when the amount he wins at this level will be gone very quickly at is usual games. The same thread was posted at 2+2 people are just wondering why is he playing 12 hours a day at lower limits then he is ustoo and he is playing much more solid then he usually do onlinemaybe somebody else is playing under is account
  10. Ya'll must be really stupid or something, and I just can't understand it...10-20 is a high limit and it isn't chicken feed, playing at that limit...That is a pretty high limit, and if Mike Wanted to go broke in a hurry, he would do thing's like 80-160, 100-200, or maybe even 30-60??????????????????????Why do you question what a professonal does??????????????????????????????That's what doesn't make any sence you silly (fool) (person)You don't even have enough money to play the 10-20 game yourself, yet you complain that Mike is playing 10-20 on full tilt?????????????????????????????This doens't make any sense at all to me...It's probably because you just started playing poker and you haven't been playing as long as the pro's like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, and the other pro's like Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, ect...Haven't you ever seen Mr. Negreanu play 30-60 on Poker Stars??????????He has a bigger bankroll probably than any pro out there, with all of the big tournament win's he's had, and the fact that he play's, everyday high limit poker at places like, The Bellagio, and Wynn Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Think about that dude, and don't question what a professional like Micheal Madistow, on what limit he wan't to play you stupid _______...?????????????Why do I have to keep flaming you people for your stupid perspective's and post's it's just rediculous...I get tired of it really...So don't quetion what pro's like, Phil Hellmut, Mike Madistow, and other pro's like, me or, Daniel Negreanu do to build (my) their bankrolls, dumbass... Take it easy for once in your short pathetic life, and don't question what pro's like Mike, Daniel, or myself will do to build their bankrolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BBBBEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yours Truely,Johnny Cab. Sac...a.k.a. Jonathan Jacob Kerr The IstLater's.......................................................................................................P.S.Don't question the pro's like Mike Madistow, and pro's like, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, and other pro's like, (Me) Annie Duke, Howard Lederer, Men Ngyuen, Scotty Ngyuen, Greg Raymer, "The guy who won the world serises of poker this year" & C. Moneymaker, C.Money800 on Poker Stars, where the star's come to play lol.Peace...Johnny Sac / Johnny Cab...Jonathan Jacob Kerr The Ist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i actually do play 10 20 for a living, so matusow has a bigger bankroll then every pro out there? really? that makes alot of sens considering he is not consistently beat any cash game right now and is abou a 2m loser online( which he admits)ALl i wanted to know is why he is playing 10 20, if he has some kind of bet going or somehting
    anyone know how much money he has one or lost in the poker tracker? If he is making money in his bathrobe, i don't blame him.
    he is a -2m loser online, he seems to be doing ok playing 10 20nl, he is playing solid poker
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