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  1. After winning 2 large pots in a row off the same guy I said " I believe i will let your ass whiten up a little before I spank it again."
  2. I do believe he left the casino after this, because I didn't see him in the poker room when I went to my room.
  3. He kept throwing chips to the dealer everytime she told him to calm down.
  4. I played at the Glod Strike in Tunica this past weekend and had a great time. They give poker player rates that are about one fourth the regular rate. All my meals were free and it a great place to play. As for me I did good, played 3 6 holdem and 4 8 omaha8, and ended up about 250 in a day and a half. The only downer on the trip was this wanna be pro who sat at my table early Sunday morning. He came from the 10 20 holdem table where he had lost quite a bit of money. So he sits down and begins to complain about how the fish are playing. "They just don't know how to play poker, I can't believe
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