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  2. Hello kenneth, Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support. We can certainly understand your frustration with being unable to access your account. We have reviewed your account again as we do see that you are a long time valued player on our site. Unfortunately, the reinstatement of your account is solely dependent on the associated player resolving their issues with us. While we recognize that this is unfair on your part. However, we must take all precautions and suspend closely related accounts. We found that you have repeatedly logged into computers associated with this user. Throu
  3. Wed, Mar 3rd12:00 PM2-Day Event Event #1: No Limit Hold'Em $340 Thu, Mar 4th12:00 PM2-Day Event Event #2: No Limit Hold'em $590 Fri, Mar 5th12:00 PM2-Day Event Event #3: No Limit Hold'Em $340 Sat, Mar 6th12:00 PM2-Day Event Event #4: No Limi Hold'Em $560 Sun, Mar 7th12:00 PM2-Day Event Event #5: No Limit Hold'Em $340 Mon, Mar 8th12:00 PM2-Day Event Event #6: No Limit Hold'Em $560 Tue, Mar 9th12:00 PM2-Day Event Event #7: No Limit Hold'Em $1,080 Wed, Mar 10th12:00 PM2-Day Event Event #8: Deep Stack $1,600 Thu, Mar 11th12:00 PM1-Day Event Event
  4. going to try that tyvm,,,,,,,,
  5. thank you for the advise but the problem is they have verified my idendity when i and my wife were thought to be same player . this time all they reqested was i have patience i should not be held responsable for the actions of another player them saying they will reinstate my acount when he makes it right is t.m.f.b.s sorry about writing skills not much call for typing as a rooffer but im working on it ty
  6. tore him up preety good but what does ftp want from me iveviolated no policys
  7. same email but i know the player we have been logged in @ same time from miles apart no rule saying dont let people use your cpu ps sorry bout da spellin how can i be responsable for some1elses 30 yr old kid
  8. all full tilt will say is that im closley assoiated via ip adress and need to be patcient but they must know from account info im not him
  9. after allowing a friend to use my cpu my accnt was susspended by full tilt. i received an email stating my account was closley assoiated to a player under investigation. that was a month ago ! i have no more patience what can i do ?can any1 help please!!
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