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  1. Well its 50/50 chance of ending up in Jail LOL.I really want to get a photo of him too. Perhaps now you enjoyed LA so much, I better keep my eyes peeled there hey Daniel ??
  2. Hi Forumites !Ive planned the family trip of a lifetime to the US in April/May this year, and the highlight of the whole tip for me as an amateur poker player is to get Daniels autograph in person.Ill be in Vegas on the 29th April until the 3rd May 2010 and I know from Daniels Blog he will be in town working on his Golf game at TPC Summerlin's.Does anyone know the best accepted way to approach Daniel for an autograph ? I don't want to stalk the guy after all !Will he be playing at the Bellagio or any other casino where I could keep an eye out for him ? It would really be the highlight of my
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