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  1. 1. I get this. I was only playing under-rolled because I figured at these lower levels I could deposit another $25 whenever I need to. I could just deposit $75 and be rolled for the $1.10's. I might just do that if I get bored with the $.10 tourneys. The main reason I moved to the $1.10 turbos was due to time. I can play a complete 45 man tourney in about an hour. A 360 man tourney takes about 2.5 hours. My time is limited so I want to get in as many games as possible. 2. I actually thought about that this morning. I was 3-tabling last night with 2 cash tables and 1 tourney and it g
  2. This. After reading your second post, I can relate.
  3. I officially went busto. Turbo $1.10 45-mans kicked my butt. Variance is a bitch. :)No worries. I've deposited another $25 and I'm starting over. This time, I'm grinding the $.10 360-man tourneys until I hit $75 and then I'll move to the $1.10's again. I'm also going to try some cash tables just to mix things up. I want to continue to develop my game and these turbos take out nearly all post-flop play. I will probably play some regular tourneys when I can as well.I've already built my BR to around $33. Let's gogogogogo!!
  4. First hand - I don't mind the PF raise. I would've likely folded after the flop, though. That's a lot of chips to chase weak flush and straight draws with 2 overcards. Second hand - Push or fold depending on the table and if you're near the bubble. As is, I'd probably push. You need some chips badly here and that's a decent hand to double up, IMO.
  5. True. But the problem with these micro tourneys is that FE isn't much of a factor until you're on the bubble. I've been called down with some ridiculous hands in those $.10 tourneys.
  6. That's what I figured. I can see how limping could be a bad move here now. The more you have in the pot, the less advantage you have. Shoving may be close to a coinflip but maybe you can isolate and improve your odds. I didn't think about the extra players in the hand. Thanks for helping me plug a leak! I'll have to start shoving with confidence now. Just for giggles, is there any situation here where you would fold 99? For example, if a bigger stack shoves into you? if 2 or more bigger stacks shove into you? Let's assume you have 10 BB as in the case above.
  7. Status report:Moved into the $1.10 45-man turbos last week and I'm doing pretty well. It was quite an adjustment from the $.10 360-mans so I took a big hit to begin with but I'm starting to make profit daily over the last few days. It's not like the level of play is that much better. It's just the pacing of the tourney is different. My biggest challenge now is to stop getting knocked out in 6th and 7th place all the time. Over 50 games I have the following finishes:1st - 02nd - 23rd - 04th - 05th - 26th - 37th - 4I'm in the money 22% of the time but it's not enough to be profitable overal
  8. I disagree about the "definitely be winning" part. If it were folded to you and you are sitting in the CU or on the button, then a shove is a no-brainer. But in this spot, the OP has a little over 10bb, is 3rd to act on full ring where 1 has already limped in, and has one of the smaller stacks at the table. 99 and TT is a good hand but not a solid winning hand. I'm only shoving if I'm desperate at this position. Can someone run the numbers of your odds when someone calls with 1 or 2 overcards? I'm thinking it's 60/40 at best. That's a winning hand, sure, but that's not much better than
  9. With those deep stacks, I think I'd play pretty tight for a long time and try to make the big hands really count. No need to get too crazy early for small pots. Preserve chips as much as possible and as the blinds get bigger, ramp up the aggression.
  10. I hate the 9s. and the 10s for that matter. I hate to fold if I'm raised but I don't like shoving either. Can I check? :)In real-time, I'd probably alternate depending on the table. If the others are limping in all the time, then a limp is a decent move here, IMO. Other times I shove. I swear I lose more with 99 and 1010 than any other hand.
  11. That's rough but it happens. I've been playing 99 very cautiously lately after losing with them so much. With a little over 10bb left and in early position, I probably would've limped in. In late position, I'm shoving. Considering the flop, I would've shoved then anyways so unless someone shoved PF, I'd be broke as well after this hand. Limp this early in the tourney.
  12. So are you two saying that the OP's shove was a bad idea? Even if I'm wrong in guessing the villian's range, I still think he has to shove with the 55. He only has 2bb left and the blinds are going to hit him next hand. I feel ya. Last night I got bumped out of 4 tourneys in a row, all around the bubble, all with dominating hands PF, all beaten with runner-runner straights. Ridiculous. This. That's a pretty decent hand to shove UTG, IMO.
  13. No problem with your shove here. IMO, he's probably calling with a higher pair or face cards. Maybe an Ax. So how did it turn out?
  14. Yeah. I realize even with the $25 in reserve, (essentially gives me $40) I'm still underrolled. The way I'm running hot on the $.10 360's, I'll probably just stick with those for a while. My ROI on those is insane.My main reason to get some $1 45-turbos in was to increase my volume. I can do 2 of those in the time it takes to do 1 $.10 tourney.
  15. Translation: What blakheart said.
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