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  1. We miss the americans on Pokerstars, the games have been so much harder since americans couldnt play.I agree the top americans are still among the best in the world, but the average american is so much worst than the average russian, average german or average any country except americans.First we lost the italians, then the french and finally the americans.
  2. as said a final table after a looong time and a poker break
  3. out 65th and shaun deeb was a bit lucky he had KK vs AA and won, A2 vs AQ if I dont rcall wrong and won, and one more like that
  4. in both SCOOP L and MLasombra, L 382/436M 159/205
  5. another 9th placenot very good
  6. dont want to start a new one, but I have another Final table PS 3090102266/9 today too
  7. that was a quick onenot much to do there, 9th
  8. Final table on pokerstarstourney id 309010395Lasombra 6/9
  9. 8M 24k at break was at 4500 3 hands before the break
  10. finished 2nd2700 and change played heads up really bad
  11. 1 / 3 at the moment 50% of chips in play
  12. 55 dollar 1R1Aabout 4k for first Im Lasombra 2/8 at the moment
  13. seems like part of it dont work. when I try to connect and look at network status. 3 of the host have 0% connection and the other 3 100%
  14. topic explain all. seems like PS dont work for me
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