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  1. I've played where you discard preflop on hi and post on hi lo. But I'm sure there's alot of variations you could do to this game.
  2. Yeah. That's my bad. I should've explained this better. Regular pineapple you discard preflop. I was playing hi lo but I wanted to disregard the low hand. This all started when I let one of my friends sweat my cards to give him an idea on how to play. This hand came up and I kept the 10's. The turn was the jd. The river was another jack. I ended up scooping but after the session he asked me why I kept the 10's instead of drawing to the flush. Since the nightmare diamond hit I really didn't have a good answer for him besides I wanted to keep the made hand since it was likely to be the best hand
  3. No. 3 cards dealt. Betting. Flop. Betting. Discard. Then basically hold'em like unless you're playing crazy pineapple.
  4. I need a math guy on this because I'm to stupid and lazy to figure this out. I looked in the stat section and there's no pineapple section obv so I'm going to post it here. Let's say the board is something like this 2d 8d 4c. We're holding Kd 10d 10s. What's the proper strategy here, keep the overpair or draw to the two overs and flush draw? I have one more question. I know I suck but indulge me. Same scenario on the board but instead of holding the former hand we have Kd 8c 6d. Do you keep top pair with a good kicker or draw to the flush even though the six is an undercard? Again, I'm kind
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