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  1. Hi all, just thought id shout out to see whos in the online deepstack at 5pm?shout back if ur in and leave your screen name, best of luck
  2. Hello im feeling soooo depressed after losing nearly 200 dollars in a week on pokerstars, this probably sounds really minor to a lot of people on these forums but i dont know what to do. shall i self exclude myself for a few weeks. i cant blame it all on being sucked out, theres obviously times whether ive played badly, playing higher than my bank roll.Neeed Help Some One Cheer me up
  3. HelloI was at a final table at a poker tournament held at a student union bar in luton, was run by some guy named CID, anyway i made a bet after the flop of 300, the blinds were 100 - 200. i was told this was an illegal bet, i argued that it was incorrect but the dealer and a few of the other players contridicted me which made me doubt myself. if someone could clear this up for me i would be quite happy Thanks Ben Pope
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