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  1. yeah we are hoping the same thing happens here in Mobile at our greyhound park. PCI gaming board is trying to buy it and put a poker room in. It would be nice cause it would be a whole 5 min drive for me to get there.
  2. yeah its easly to look like a genius in that situation. Any of us could do it if we had nuts versus 2nd nuts.
  3. I am thinking of grabbing a friend and heading down there today. If I go I will take pics and post later.
  4. well i am not taking classes this semester so I need to start playing in these events.
  5. if you do decide to do and end up getting arrested will you post pics?
  6. ha ah it was awesome reading this thread after he wins the PCA.
  7. what happend? edit WWWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! GG GIBBLER!!!!!!!
  8. i doubt there was nay deal discussed cause isn't this being shown on espn at a later date? If that is the case then they will keep the money the way it is for tv viewers.
  9. I would be to if I was him...having the chip lead for what seems like an eternity and then getting nailed heads up
  10. never mind evidently i just skipped over reading that hand ha ah i am an idiot
  11. so is poker news that far behind cause I yet to see the A 5 hand where he takes the chiplead....in that I mean their live update reporting not the video...my computer is being gay and I can 't watch the video.
  12. hey those caffeine pills aren't to be messed withon that note TID GIBBLER!!!!!
  13. Way to go Gibs! Way to get that million bro!! Go for the other million..Roll Tide!
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