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  1. Alright thanx, hes still in92nd out of how many left?
  2. What is Phil Ivey's current status in the 2006 WSOP Main Event?Chris
  3. Heres a link to the chips I bought.Its a set of 650 and after a few trys i bought then for the 1st bid of .99 cents.Since the shipping is 40 dollars $45 is basicaly how much I paid all together.WARNING! i did not recieve a dealer chips and others havent either.(Read the reviews on this seller)My chips are pretty good and im satisfied...
  4. It'll also leave you broke more often then notOK now im CONFUZZLED..i need to play a few more hands but no way as many as that guys talking about?
  5. I almost never bluff them..To answer another ?I usually fold if i dont have atleast top pair
  6. yea i usualy only call with 10's knowing how many ppl will call my raise...it depends with the jacksi guess im way too tight...crippling myself... if im not in the blinds ill throw away anything like9 7 9 J k 8 :diamond:4 6 :heart:2 3 :spade:thanx for all the advice
  7. the only thing is..someone said b4 that if i raise a large amt and hit nothing it might cripple me after a few times of doing that when i dont hit...
  8. should i loosen up a bit since im usually low stack mainly from blinds as they raise every 20 min?sometimes its takes an hour before i can really get a decent pot?i know i cant bluff them but should i just give up on a big hand that doesnt hit.. or pay a small or big price to see anohter card?
  9. I really think it would be a good idea for a Topic called "Home Game Strategy"for a whole strategy on playing your friends in home games.It seems as though theres a ton of ppl now in the same stituation as im inIm either falling apart or in a slump... but what i know for sure is i need some advice
  10. the only things thats common is the number of ppl in a hand is always more than their should b..ive heard that going all in with a premium hand such and KK , AK, or AQ, QQ when your now on a short stack knowing id prob get atleast one caller is a bad move and puts it into lucks hands.Sound right?
  11. anything i forgot just ask and ill answer.. please help
  12. Topic: NL Texas HoldemPlayers: A Bunch of Friends Its starting to get tough playing against these pplI used to be able to atleast always get second when they were all really bad players but now most of them are in the middle and very unpredictable.Ill raise 4x bb and usually get atleast 2 callers... And it just so happens even when i hit i know someone has me beat with a straight or flush, trips, whatever.I tried raising more but if i dont hit i cant bluff these guys so im done a ton.Do you think it would be a good move to raise onlye maybe like 2x or 3x the BB so ill prob get the sam
  13. I have a questiontheres a site someone was talking about called texasrankem.comit seems like a good easy free way to keep stats on home games.me and my friends have a free account on itAnyone know anything about it or how long you think it will be up or be for free?
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