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  1. my back is starting to hurt already...
  2. The looshball broke the news to me that Rose was real. I felt a lot better. lol I really was upset.
  3. I didn't know what your area of expertise was. That is why I was asking. Someone did say you worked in psychology. There was no response to my last post asking what branch of neuroscience you were in and Behavioral Psychology is included in Neuroscience. I also had not posted after that until today replying to SBriand... This forum is nuts btw...
  4. Just because I don't post, doesn't mean I don't know the history of this joke account, trust me. I know more than you are ASSuming. lolDid you ever stop to think that there might be conversations that you weren't in and information you don't know? What a concept. We are referring to IF vb were "Rose", before it came out that there was a real Rose, then at that point, depending upon what he does for his career, there MAY have been issues IF he were pretending to be ROSE. I see where this is hard for you to comprehend...I replied to you TODAY that I was asking VB what he did and was branch
  5. The Laws, Standards of Practice and Ethics of Psychology can be found at any State Board governing the given jurisdiction.I normally don't even come to this forum, obv. I originally started the account to play a challenge with my boyfriend... You can make me your joke all you want. Kudos. It will be short lived.
  6. If you read my posts, you would see that I was asking him what he did. Are you serious right now?
  7. Do I have to repeat myself? Really?If someone in psychology used their expertise to manipulate a situation, counsel or talk to someone battling cancer and used that person's vulnerability to aid them in a prank or joke, then it crosses a line of ethical boundaries. There are Ethics Laws.If VB were "Rose", he would have been a real douche bag, IMO. In addition, he would have possibly broken laws, depending upon what his degree and/or certifications include. That was my point. I was relieved to hear that there was a Rose.
  8. This is not a joke account. If someone in behavioral health used their "expertise" to have conversations with people that are facing serious life issues, for example spoke with cancer patients about their experience at their lowest points about their illness as a joke and exposed it as a humor stunt, it crosses a boundary of ethics.You can clearly GFY, sir. I call you sir because I clearly respect you.
  9. You seem so eager to share. Why hold out now?
  10. What is your career VB?
  11. Aside from what you mention, it does not take away from the fact that there are ethical duties and boundaries in such careers. There are also Ethics Laws, depending upon what his degree or certification is, no matter what said people chose to discuss.
  12. Interesting on SO many levels...How does a psychologist or someone with a career in psychology have conversations with people about cancer and personal conversations of a serious nature as a mere joke to post in a public forum? I think there have been ethical boundaries crossed if that information is true...
  13. What is your expertise? Just curious.
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