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  1. I got the chipset, tshirt, hat, and cards today Thanks for the prizes, very much appreciated
  2. Congrats Rose, I know you were anticipating getting the chip set even more than me. I hope I get my goodies today or tomorrow cuz I'm getting a little worried.
  3. I haven't played a negreanu open in many months and I login here to see prizes have been shipped and Daniel himself played in last week's game! I'm glad people have received their stuff and I will patiently another couple days for my goodies Is there a tourney of champions game happening this year? I remember playing in it last Februaryish and made the money.On another topic, the latest cardplayer subscription issue has a new insert that replaced the tournament hand matchups. They have old articles from past issues including some of Daniel's. One of them was an interview about FCP. Who was Da
  4. Any chance the Negreanu Open quarterly prizes will arrive in time for Christmas?
  5. Congrats to DiamondDixi on the win. I had her down to 2bb headsup and on her way from coming back she calls herself allin with qjsuited and I got her crushed in suits king2suited and she makes a straight flush I can never win these tourneys. Not even happy with 2nd with the huge azz lead I had 4handed, 2nd is disappointing. Cya next week for another torturous game PokerStars Game #49684848802: Tournament #287183417, $10+$1 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (600/1200) - 2010/09/15 21:13:43 PT [2010/09/16 0:13:43 ET]Table '287183417 1' 9-max Seat #6 is the buttonSeat 6: JoeShowdown (47128 in c
  6. Still looking for my first victory. What's the latest on the 1st and 2nd quarter prizes? You posted something a couple weeks ago saying in a couple weeks we should hear something.
  7. Good luck tonight. Any progress on the 1st and 2nd quarter prizes? Are they on the way?
  8. Feeling better now - did 12 $5.20 turbo double or nothings and won 10 of them
  9. I'm in. I was ready to grind several tables of nl 25c50c for the next few hours and then in about 20 minutes got stacked 3 times kk vs aa allin preflop, aksuited vs aa on flop where i got tptk and nutflushdraw, and then the 3rd time I 4betshove 99 after opening the button and getting reraised by a player who has reraised me twice today and about 5 other times on other days and this time the fool has KK to crush me. I think I'll fire up some $5 turbo dons.
  10. Good luck in the Horse tourney tonight. I had the highlight of my pokerstars career sunday in the $11 1/4 million gtd tourney finishing 9th out of 27,905 players for $1400 On the way to the final table all my 80/20's and flips held up and with 12 left I raised allin with JJ and sucked out vs KK. But the final table was quick as I open sb for 4bb with aqsutied and the bb shoves for about 12bb with ace7suited. I call and the 7 hits. Next hand I open shove kingtenoff from the button for 4bb and bustout. Whatever, the JJ suckout hand was worth about 400 bucks in prize money, but if the acequeen h
  11. Took 3rd for 40bux. So rare to get itm vs. u sharks Any word on 1st and 2nd quarter prizes being shipped? Do we pm dna 4 ever?
  12. Thanks ur so kind Busted 13th out 18. Usual play bad/ run bad combo AA vs ace5suited open sb 248 bb 100 calls kk7 calls me, turn i checkcall river backdoorflush i call 1700, final hand openshove jack7 7 bb hit a pair then get rivered out. Played on stars about 7hrs and power went out on me for a couple minutes, lost my notes I took on cash games, turn it back on not there wtf. I checked xml doc and text doc and searched some players i was on table with that i know i at least said donk 3bets me over and over folds when I 4bet or something. will email support. Played like 4k hands of nl25c50c
  13. It took me 4 quarters and after winning 3 tshirts I'm happy to have won a chip set, thank you very much Good luck this quarter
  14. Iamin4u was in 3rd, but was a noshow so it looks like I'll move into the top3 for my 1st chip set 4th and 5th plaers bigm and hatchet didn't show up and Rose in 6th would have to make up 62 points to move ahead of me. I had rotten quarter money wise and seemed to always run bad but I'm thrilled if I win the chip set. Will the 2nd quarter prizes be packaged together with the 1st qtr? Or will we have to wait and combine them all with the 3rd qtr
  15. Can I win my 1st chip set? Let the sidebets begin 1 r23y 435.61 $150.00 12 6 36.302 GWCGWC 403.69 $75.00 12 6 33.643 IamiN4u 371.67 $217.00 9 4 41.304 JoeShowdown 370.55 $76.00 12 5 30.88
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