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  1. What's the structure of your 10-man freeroll? If it's deep chipstacks go with stars or ultimatebet. If the blinds double every few hands... go with party.If your true goal is to practice, then party really is your worst option. By the time you're heads up in some of those Party SnGs, the blinds are so big that moving in every hand isn't that bad of a strategy. If you want to make money, well, party is renouned for poor players -- and they definitely earned that reputation. Plus the superfast structure allows you to get through a SnG (and on to the next one) within 40 minutes.
  2. That's nothing, today I just called preflop with aces (you know, to get more action), then the big blind hit two pair with 2-6o.What was he doing playing a hand like that from out of position? After belittling him for ten minutes I quit online poker forever. It's so rigged.
  3. I've had an 80 BB downswing in a day before, but I was properly rolled for that game, so I didn't have to go down in stakes. I just took a few days to clear my head and went back to it.Assuming you're a better player now than when you began to build your roll, it should take you less than 3 months to get your 220 back. But MAKE SURE you go down in stakes. Don't keep playing the stakes your at. You were underrolled when your downswing began, now you can't even cover a single buy in. Also, take a few days to clear your head. Remember how much more there is to life than poker. Make sure th
  4. huh? You "eek" a daily profit of 100? That's actually more than I make right now.If you're really about the money, learn limit. It's the easiest game to multi-table once you get used to it, and multi-tabling successfully is the most sure-fire way to make money online.As far as resources, get supersystem II. I just recently got a copy and have already learned tons from Harman's Hold'em section, and I've only skimmed it. That girl can damn well PLAY. Most importantly, post hands that troubled you here and at twoplustwo.com. Get advise on how to deal with tough situations, so you can handl
  5. As somebody who pays rent playing poker online, I am always grossly offended when players insult other players for bad play. Why? It usually makes him leave, which gives me less opportunity to get all the money he just won by sucking out on someone. When I see someone call 3 bets cold with Q6, I right click on him, make a note, and look for opportunities to play big pots against him. Ridiculing a fish for his bad play is pointless; you're just giving him free advise. That said, you were frustrated with your dry spell when it happened, and having been through a lot of dry spells myself I ca
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