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  1. Good to see Daniel standing up for the little guy in the poker world in this case a legit CHARITY!
  2. Hey all,Not sure if you've heard but Vegas Poker Radio is holding a marathon radio show. I copied this off their site.Beginning on Monday, September 3rd, 2012, VegasPokerRadio.com will host a fundraiser for the 22Q.org Foundation. The 50+ hour podcast, dubbed “The Ironman Podcast” will feature two of the hosts of VegasPokerRadio.com’s hit show Filthy Limper Radio.Here is the guest list:Sheila Kambin (22Q Rep) 9/3 10:00am ESTJosh Arieh (Poker Pro) 9/3 11:00am ESTNorman Chad (ESPN Commentator) 9/3 9:00pm ESTRyan Dempster (MLB Superstar - Texas Rangers) 9/4 2:00pm ESTShannon Shorr (Poker Pro) 9/4 3:00pm ESTJared Tendler (Mindset Expert) 9/4 5:00pm ESTJamie Gold (WSOP Champion) 9/4 8:00pm ESTGavin Griffin (Poker Pro) 9/4 9:30pm ESTMichele Breedlove (22Q) 9/4 10:00pm ESTDusty Schmidt (Poker Pro) 9/5 12:00am ESTMatt Savage (WPT Tournament Director)Christina Lindley (Poker Player, Model)Greg Raymer (WSOP Champion)Jonathon Little (Poker Pro)Tony G (Poker Pro, Olympic Basketball)Richard Roeper (Movie Critic / Writer)Greg "FBT" Mueller (Poker Pro)Andy Frankenberger (Poker Pro)Chris Moneymaker (WSOP Champion)Victor Ramdin (Poker Pro)David Plastik (Poker Pro)Asian Spa (#Truthspeaker)Thought I would pass it along, not sure if that is a complete guest list. All the proceeds according to their site is going to the charity. I think they are trying to get Daniel as well.
  3. We have seen your impressions of Scotty Nguyen and Ming Ly on TV. Which other players do you do impressions of and who other famous figures do you do impressions of?
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