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  1. Wow 125 tonight, I think the year I played DN never made it, we had like 28 max.
  2. Any chance you can post FCP_Matt's e-mail so we can send him an e-mail... or a PM with his info would be fine.
  3. I haven't gotten my 3rd or 4th quarter prize yet.
  4. I was by far the worst player this quarter of those who played a bunch in the 4th qtr, I guess I better enjoy my $50 dollar hat, assuming my standings are correct.
  5. No, to finish in the top 3 for quarter you can only miss 1 maybe 2 events tops, however Tasman25 has a great 3rd quarter and almost made it by missing 3 events..Click on my sig to get to an HTML with an unofficial standings for end of 3rd quarter. I was out of the loop for a bit, took the kids to Disney for the Holidays.Also not sure what google did to their stuff, because now my page shows as an attachment, and all the weekly stuff is FUBAR.
  6. Thanks for the props.. It all started out with me just wanting to know where I stood, and it has morphed into something much bigger. It helps that I play everyweek, to keep me on top of it. My sig image is not up to date, but the standings are if you click on my sig.
  7. Yeah thanks for updating the standings. Any news on Joe's question..
  8. GG all, the standings have been updated on my non-official page.
  9. Can you post the final results and I will update my standings page, I am at work and don't have access to Stars from here....
  10. Even I have fallen behind on my "Non Official Standings", so I would put the odds of having them updated before 2nite at 25%.What are the odds of the 3rd quarter prizes coming before Christmas? That is the better question, isn't it?
  11. I am at work on don't have Stars installed, can some request the tournament results and post them on here, and I will update my standings page. I forgot to request one before I left home this morning.
  12. You forgot the one where you had 77 against 66 and the flop came 234 then 5...Now that one was bad luck. I guess I don't understand what run horrible means, when I looks at those history's you were on the wrong side every time, and it worked out just as it should. Is that what running horrible means (that you don't catch anything to suck out?)
  13. GG last night all, I am still not sure why I play HORSE. I suppose it is for gaining experience in those Limit games, oh well it was fun while it lasted, congrats to Tas... who by the way also took the overall standings lead for the quarter.
  14. I guess what was more disappointing is I was playing really well other then my empty 3 barrel shot against Serge earlier. Even if a K spiked I feel like I would of done well with only 5K left or whatever I had. I guess the conservative way to play it would be the Call, and the agressive play the Shove. Either way I don't blame Serge for the call with the AK suited, I would of done exactly the same.GG All, See you next week on the tables.
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