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  1. What if pokerrooms started subsidiary companys that didn't deal at all with gambling, where you can purchase tokens to play tourny's online at the pokerroom, and let you play with those tokens, to win tokens, and let you withdrawl them into the other company where you could sell them for cash. 4.34 tokens can be sold for $4.34 and transferred to your bank account and it bypasses laws i think.
  2. i'm willing to sell it for less if you make me an offer. i have no way of depositing right now and i want to try to get back in the game. you can get ahold of me through email or hoppityhow on AIM
  3. if anyone is interested in trading my unused pokeroffice (i sold my home computer and play at the library now) for $50 into my pokerstars account, gimme an email at hoppityhow@gmail.com thanks
  4. comments on this play would be appreciated, especially my chosen bet amounts, as i'm usually a bet the pot player and am trying to change it up :]i was at the library so no hand history sorry :Xblinds 10/20i'm limp UTG with AKoa couple seats to my left kicks it to 60 and 3 more people calli raise to 400.original raiser thinks for a sec and calls while everyone else folds.flop comes 37A rainbow and i check.he bets the pot, and i push all inhe quickly calls and flips AQsi was confident he didnt have aces, and i was also pretty sure he put me on kings or queens.
  5. yea thats what i was looking for. thanks 8)
  6. how much do you usually tip the host of a 10 person home game if u were to win? 50/30/20 structure
  7. was their ever a point in your poker career that you just all of the sudden realise that you understand the game on a different level? you know like anyone can look at a table odds chart or read a book and figure out a correct play, but when you really understand whats going on at the table. i feel like i finally "clicked" with poker recently, and was wondering if anyone else had something similar.
  8. This doesn't make any sense. You said that UTG was an "EXTREMELY poor player, whom i outplayed post flop." Explain to me then why you decided to push pre-flop for a huge overbet. How do you expect to outplay him post-flop when there are no more chips left to bet? This beat seems like it was inevitable by K-J, but I still prefer the raise to 1800 pre-flop and seeing what happens then. You can't outplay anybody when you don't have any chips left.i think id have to aggree that a raise to 1800 probably would have been a better move, especially because if i just got a call, i would have slowed t
  9. thanks for all the replies. as i said, UTG was an EXTREMELY poor player, whom i outplayed post flop over the course of about an hour to build my stack from 2000 to about 7000. it turned out that UTG limped with A3o and the other person had KJ, both who called my all in. Cards came K7KA10 and i was done for. :]
  10. pokerstars mtt, blinds were 100/200. average stack is 5600. i'm sitting on the button with about 8500 chips and QQUTG is sitting with 22000 chips and limps (i was not worried about his limp because he was a terribly weak player who had gotten lucky and built a stack). the player to my right raises to 600 and i push. correct play?
  11. anyone know any online sites that let you set up free money private tables? i'm not talking like yahoo or whatever, but real poker sites, cuz me and my friend and her gf want to play for fun when we're home from school, and yahoo is just horrible. :[
  12. thats what i was thinking, that the correct play would have been to have just pushed initially (and in this case have been the worst hand). but given the circumstances of how i did play it, i would think the fold was correct. i did figure tho, if he just called the 300 raise, i could put him on AK much more than AA or KK. would you agree with that?
  13. no, this player was solid and indeed did have aces. thanks for all the input. :]
  14. oh yea btw, the blind structure at this home game is terrible. blinds double at 20 mins, OR every time a player goes out, so you can be sitting pretty one minute, and in 20 be at 10XBB
  15. starting chips 700about even stacks, i hold ~ 1400, raiser holds ~ 1000blinds at 10/20i'm holding QQ in the BBmiddle position raises to 100 and everyone folds to mei raise to 300he pushes all ini foldcorrect fold here? any opinions would be appreciated, especially on my bet amount. my reasoning was that i was a coinflip at best. he's a solid player, so i could put him on either AK, KK, or AA, a coinflip at the very best. he was gracious enough to show me his hand afterwards.
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