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  1. Maybe I'm not completely understanding here but I'm not sure how I'm looking at two shoves here. When Shalter07 makes it 8400 he still has 17k behind and when I push he still has to call 10k more thats far from him being all in. Is he committed at this point? It looks to me like he is making an obvious isolation attempt with hands I beat. Would I have been better off raising the initial 2100 to 7-8k and folding to a shove?
  2. You did misread that, the short stack in the SB moved in. The person to my right reraised for isolation, then I moved all in. How would you of played this hand in that situation? My read that I went with cause he initially flat called a raise was that he had something like AQ or AK, maybe even a small pair and was just trying to get me to fold. Since the initial raiser and the flat caller in front of me had me covered, I initially didn't want to reraise and then possibly get put to a decision for all of my chips. I'm curious to see what would of been the best play for this hand
  3. These player's were very LAG and we just made the money. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.Table '147626393 52' 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 1: chipjack02 (19914 in chips) Seat 2: Shalter07 (25450 in chips) Seat 3: Bashful23 (18563 in chips) Seat 4: keenmaan (4770 in chips) Seat 5: dakota-xx (14830 in chips) Seat 6: RockyDennis2 (15760 in chips) Seat 7: Schnullist (3860 in chips) Seat 8: jagdkommando (9611 in chips) Seat 9: K643 (29400 in chips) chipjack02: posts the ante 85Shalter07: posts the ante 85Bashful23: posts the ante 85keenmaan: posts the ante 85dakota-xx: posts the ante 8
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