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  1. 8th March 2009 - $5 to go...Again no crazy stuff and I am $5 short of moving up to $0.02-$0.05Final result:$20.07
  2. 8th March 2009 - only $10 to go...Ahhhh, finally I managed to win some pots even when I was a dog! I got some, what's the word...... luck! (1 time). Was nice no crazy sh*t happened (again).Final result:$15.85
  3. 8th March Part 3 - 1 hand for recoveryWauw, no crazy sh*t happened! I managed to get a big 3-way pot with AA and....................... I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOBack to:$11.00 exactly+$1 after in total 4 hours of playing in 3 days......
  4. This is what I mean... This happens the whole time. Every turn or river card is killing.PokerStars Game #25727005977: Hold'em No Limit ($0.01/$0.02) - 2009/03/08 7:43:14 CET [2009/03/08 1:43:14 ET]Table 'Annagerman' 6-max Seat #2 is the buttonSeat 1: Hero($2.26 in chips) Seat 2: whodatgrl ($5.01 in chips) Seat 4: sh0rtyss ($2 in chips) Seat 5: Iowa Tex ($2.41 in chips) VeeVee1980 will be allowed to play after the buttonsh0rtyss: posts small blind $0.01Iowa Tex: posts big blind $0.02KVFC_241: sits out *** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hero [Ks Kc]Hero: raises $0.06 to $0.08whodatgrl: calls $0.08sh0rt
  5. 8th March Part 2Running slightly bad is a nice eufemism...Every body limps, I have KK in the BB. Raise 20x bb. Button and small blind call. Flop is nothing reallt dangerous. I go all in. Small blind has AA!! Lol, limping on the sb with AA when everybody has limped before you....Als missed a power draw, QJ clubs on 98 club board.Somebdoy called an all in with middle pair and made trips on the river.I made a straight, villian made higher straight (one you can't see coming).Down to $6.75My god, this sucks.... I need a karma change...
  6. 8th March 20093rd session, even insaner. Blinds play, I had J3s in the small blind, call. BB checks. Flop: J43. bet, raise, all in, villian calls. Villian has J4! Some hands later, again against the same guy. 88 in the small blind, raise. He calls. Flop: J8T. Bet, raise, all in, villian calls. Villian flopped the nuts (Q9)!If that wasn't even enough, at another table some guy was literally calling every hand. I had AQ and position and I raised insanely, 20x the big blind or so to make myself committed. Guy calls, ofcourse, flop: 9TT. Not that dangerous. Push, guy calls, he has Doyle Brunson.Ok
  7. 7th March 2009Another insane session. Lost with AK with top pair top kicker on flop and villian made running 8 8 to win the pot! Also lost with top 2 pair (JK) against only kind of hand villian could have, a set. Also lost a buy in with a good river bluf, was perfect against a reasonable player, but he had aslo a set, so he couldn't lay it down.But....Again some hands held up, like 4 of a kind Jacks, and a higher flush and some other nice hands which resulted in a final bankroll of:$12.00 exactlyWhen I do starting hitting more hands and won't loose to much crazy pots, I will go up a lot quicke
  8. 6th march 2009Start. Bankroll $10 - limit $0.01-$0.02. I managed to loose 4 coinflips. 1 bad beat. 1 set held up: -$3.712nd attempt, no crazy stuff, back to $7.79Switched to 6-max, which I will be playing from now on. Will play 4 tables at once.Lost with set against flushdraw for the 2nd time and I lost from a higher full house which villian hit on the river (A6A 4 J - 66 vs AJ).Slight recovery, another set help up! Woohoo!De best player wins. Although really crazy stuff happened, I managed to make a profit of a whopping $0.52! Final result: $10.52
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