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  1. thanks to all the people that have been positve about what i am doing. thanks. and to all the people that have just put me down. **** you. you suck and lets me guess what the best thing you have done with you day is put someone down about a dream. well good for you. is that all you can say for yourself proberly. get a life off the computer and make mates and he nice... karma. i said the last post was my last but i had to reply so this is not my last... x
  2. Ha guys, so i started posting the other day. I am very new to blogging and posting this was my first go to be honst. And to be honest this is my last post. The reason for this is because posting in a forum has been by far the most negative experience i have ever been though. I post a challenge i am trying to do and so many plp put me down and said it cant be done and put me down about it. Everytime i posted people just look for the first op to put me down. I HATE posting. If you want to put me down go for it. BUT i am never posting again i have better things to do. just ask yourself if you hav
  3. As some of you might know i have started a challenge to get to $25,000 in 6 months from a $75 deposite... yes yes everyone said it can't be done etc etc.... It can be done if bad beats didnt exists, check this out, my screen name is AllTheStars,PokerStars Game #25119029795: Hold'em No Limit ($0.50/$1.00) - 2009/02/19 12:25:42 ETTable 'California' 6-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: Kampfpizza ($20 in chips) Seat 2: AllTheStars ($106.00 in chips) Seat 3: SmutsHarry ($144.40 in chips) Seat 4: TuffGoing ($133.30 in chips) Seat 5: 2Darc ($104.50 in chips) Seat 6: gthog ($59.55 in chips) gthog: pos
  4. Already made $80 after and hour, no all ins, no stupid play. Let other players make the mistakes.
  5. thanks i have an education and i do have a job but i meant i do not have a 9-5 i have 2 part time jobs and i am setting up a website.... i take it your glass is half empty.
  6. Alright hommies, I am setting myself a task. Ok so i started playing poker on fulltilt and stars about a year ago playing for fun money. Then i made a £50 deposite lost it within 3 hands. Went back to play money and seeked youtube for advice and tips, after 2 months of thinking about poker, i deposited another $50, 1 week later i was on $550. Then stupidly i put all my money on one table, and lost a $850 dollar pot to quads Vs my quads.... (almost punched my computer) and i am not an aggressive person..So i went back to the drawing board, and set myself buy in limits and all that stuff I have
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