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  1. Gawd, i just cant get him to stop he has lost over 10% of his inheritance already. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Does an interventation work? He is going to lose everything and it wont just be money because it will be everything his dad work for over his lifetime.
  2. And guess what he plans to gamble all of it. This is from a guy that just ruined his life just a few months back by gambling everything away. He is a really brillant guy but just an idiot with the gambling. I cant talk him out of it, he feels like he owes his dad(who died) by winning everything back that he lost. He even started a blog at www.gamblinghurts.blogspot.com.Anyone have any ideas how to stop this, he has not started yet but he plans to today after work. Why do i get the feeling this will be his last day at work.
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