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  1. The difference between what calls postflop is dependent upon your betsize. Considering daniel is only raising 1BB, he cant assume villain is always going to have TT beat preflop. (I cant remember, did that guy just flat with KK? Or 3bet and daniel called?) Regardless, I think it's safe to say daniel simply put villain on a draw/pair of 9's. Keep in mind, a lot of people are gunning for daniel, and try to make moves against him b/c they saw matt damon do it in rounders. They just want to be the guy that beats him this time, for the glory. So he probably out-levels himself in certain spots wonde
  2. I've read some of your blog posts microroller, although they are a bit long winded and cover too many details to always maintain my interest. I still think it's hard for you to analyze Daniel's play since you are biased by results, as hard as you may try not to be. When you see him shove and lose with TT vs KK, it's easy to say "well obviously villain had a big hand". Cmon, this is Daniels we're talking about here. Regardless, I wonder if Daniel has been recording these sessions and commenting on them at pokervt. This minraise strategy of his, even UTG is rather interesting now that I think I
  3. Daniel updates the very first post in this thread with results. Just scroll to the bottom of his 1st post to see where he's at.. Looks like he's just using the stars internal hand counter. Daniel doesnt use HUD's or tracking software so it's all manual for him.
  4. Playing LAG comes down to one thing, hand reading. Daniel is known for his hand reading abilities, and most skilled players could play a pretty LAG game at micro stakes if they wanted. Most tend to advise that you play tight and just let the fish pay you off when you finally hit, but this requires time and patience. If you can continue to outplay your opponents then you might as well take every edge you've got. You dont have to wait for AK if you know A9 will do. Daniel can simply get in there and play a lot more hands because he wont make as many mistakes as someone else would. If you read Da
  5. Daniel, what bankroll strategy would you use if you were to play heads up cash instead of ring games as your 100k challenge?
  6. Just wondering if Daniel has updated pokervt to show how to beat 1/2cent and above?
  7. Funny how fishes always remember the 1 time they win with a hand like this, and forget about the 1000 times they lose.
  8. Looks like youre not moving down bud. This is what killed me. The longer you avoid moving down, the faster your bankroll gets crushed. Good job almost hitting NL200 though.
  9. Exactly. I've been trying to adhere to a 2 BI stoploss to avoid tilt but havent quite gotten there yet.
  10. I wont deny that these guys are supposed to be gold mines. I mean seriously he calls $10 preflop raise out of position at .50/1.00 with 82o. Hits NOTHING on the flop, no draw, no pair, nothing whatsoever, calls $20 cbet. Hits a DEUCE on the turn, and brings in a flush draw, an EIGHT HIGH flush draw. I bet the turn again, HE INSTANTLY SHOVES. Hits his flush on the river. Remember, he had NO draw on the flop. I'm just dumbfounded like wtf?!? I think I had a set of Jacks in that one. These guys actually are quite beatable, you just have to play tight, and I mean real tight against them. I've stac
  11. Nice job on making to NL100 so quickly. I actually busted out at this level a month ago having reached $785 total bankroll. I had position on some fish who was playing 80% of his hands, never folding, limp calling anything, calling flops with jack high for no reason whatsoever, and hitting insane suckouts like runner runner trips on the river etc. I tilted off over half my roll just attacking him. By then I was so steamed that when I did move down to NL50, I couldnt hold it together, tilted off some more, dropped to NL25 the next day, and then went on a bad run.Technically I still have $25 lef
  12. Hey Daniel, when can we expect to start seeing some of your challenge on pokervt? I'm really interested to see how you play against the penny stakes maniacs.
  13. Chances are he is not going to be winning at such a paltry rate as 5BB/100. My guess is he can do it at around 50BB/100.
  14. I was looking at his schedule on myspace and it looks like he's just swamped with events right now. He's playing in some live tourney like every single day for the next 3 months lol.
  15. woa woa woa, I was reading 2p2 today and think i stumbled across a facet of this challenge I was not aware of. Apparently, daniel will never move down in limits? So for instance, if he has $1000 BR and is playing 1/2, and loses a stack, he will just rebuy for 1/5 of his roll, $160? And if he loses 2 stacks, he buys in for $120? But NEVER drops limits? Hmmm.....
  16. His screename is KidPoker, you can find him easily by using the "find team pokerstars pro" feature, and according to him he usually plays around 11pm PST.
  17. JC Alvarado has a great series on cash game approach, playing a hyper lag style, probably in the neighborhood of 45/35/3. Daniel himself only has a very small portion of cash game play at the high stakes and he does well. Other than that his entire training seminar seems to be tailored directly for tournaments. But lately he has commented that small ball works out great for micro stakes cash game limits so it should be interesting to see when he starts posting these videos.
  18. I am just wondering when Daniel will be posting his 100k challenge sessions to poker vt. I am very interested to see how he, and the small ball strategy work at the penny tables. To date all information suggests waiting for the nuts and betting pot pot shove due to the looseness of it all. But daniel beats it another way and I'm dying to find out.
  19. For the record, this crap happens at ANY limit. I've sat down and watched a 25/50 game on stars with a 30 man waitlist because of one uber fish who kept stacking off with nonsense. He'd suckout like 4 times in a row, then he'd lose half it back, suck out again, lose 70% of it, be short stacked for awhile, suck out again.. etc etc etc.. Playing against fish is very dangerous. Remember, holdem is still GAMBLING. Sure there is a lot more math and statistical play value behind it than other games, but chance is still a huge factor. The best way to avoid these players is to sort your tables by the
  20. Daniel, one of your rules states the following I just want to make sure I understand; do you mean double your stack at one table? Or do you mean literally doubling up your entire BANKROLL?
  21. Can anyone explain to me Daniel's decision to play FR instead of 6max? Is it to limit the amount of blinds he has to pay playing with such a small bankroll?
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