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  1. yes exactly.I didnt know whether I coined the term- or just heard it somewhere and so was using it incorrectly or correctly. Anyway, it's 'relative position' and 'closing the action'.kthx that helps.
  2. No. read for comprehension:"Like, on the flop -the button has position, but if UTG+1 was to then open..."preflop the BB has position.
  3. Lately when discussing pokerhands, my roomate and I have been using the term/phrase "absolute position" and now we cant figure out if we just somehow made that term up or read it somewhere.we use it when evaluating hands to mean the last person to have the option to reopen the betting. Like, on the flop -the button has position, but if UTG+1 was to then open the betting, then UTG would then have "absolute position" or the absolute last option to fold, call, re-open the betting.Is there a better term for that? Has anyone ever heard it called absolute position somewhere before? And Does anyone
  4. Blind info would be useful here. ( I pretended that the question said SB had 150K stack and BB had 30K stack)Im late in the game (so the poll results are visable up top). But this was read aloud and discussed with the roomates and they did not have the benefit of that info- nor did I give any indication.It was split, one roomate opting to fold, one roomate opting to raise to 10,000, and I argued raising to 5500 just to see if I preferred that option given that we all like to play hands on the flop.The 10K won us out when he pointed out that raising to 10K made the rest of the hand a cake wal
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