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  1. I have Neteller now, and I must say that I get a bit paranoid when things "go down". I get this feeling like, ummm, you're not closing shop are you? :roll:
    I have never had any problems with Neteller, and have found them to be courteous, reliable and just great to deal with.Keep in mind that even the biggest companies have their websites go down, or are taken down for routine maintainance. At least they had a message saying so.They are so good at protecting you, that my buddy was trying to make a transfer last night and they sent him an email saying he needed to contact them.He called them and they told him that they wanted to verify his identity because someone else had personal info that was almost identical to his including birth date and name being very close.He was very impressed that they would protect his account like that.The only downside I see to them is that the fee is pretty steep to fund, but you can always fund via Visa if your bank allows like mine does, or via EFT or Western Union, and then just use Neteller to cash out.
  2. As a matter of fact Idaho, as I get older I'm starting to find milfs like you more attractive than the 22 year old crowd. Any girl 19-24 year old can have a tight body. But a 30 yr. old mom who looks like that? Now there's someone who has their shi.t together. Good for you!I'm sure Alf and some of the other married/dad types here will agree with me...
    I agree. You look great and you should be very proud of that fact.
  3. Great looking table!I like the racetrack for another reason besides those already mentioned, it is a great place to stack chips easier.I have played in some casino's where the felt tends to start to tilt downwards near the padded rail and chips have a tendency to fall if you aren't careful.The racetrack makes for a nice level area to keep the chips stacked.

  4. I've never played at Starts but it's that fast? Don't they have a payment process that reviews your withdrawl?Party usually gets it to me within 12 hours, so do the Party skins. Absolute took about a week to get my money out.
    Yes they are that quick! Come to think of it Party is probably just as fast. Bodog makes you jump through the kind of hoops you mentioned, the only stipulation that Stars has which I am not crazy about but can live with is that you have to wait 48 hours after your last withdrawal before you can cash anything.However if you have had money in your account for more than the 48 hours and you go to cash you have it immediately in Neteller.I think the best way to go is to fund your account via Visa if you can, my bank so far allows it and then to cash out via Neteller.There is no fee to cash out via Neteller just to fund.
  5. I find it interesting that there are quite a few folks on this forum who don't like Poker Stars, but from my experience they are the absolute hands down best, when it comes to processing payments.At least through Neteller. If you cash out of Poker Stars the money is literally in your Neteller account within minutes, and in fact in most cases seconds.It then takes about 2 working days max to have the money in your checking account from Neteller.I have cashed from the following:Party PokerNobleParadisePoker StarsBodogParty in my experience is second best, again took a couple of hours. Noble took about 3 days! Bodog also was 2-3 days. Paradise I tried last night and they say 10-12 hours for the money to show in your Neteller account but I have yet to see it. What kind of experiences have the rest of you had?

  6. I am playing at a 1-2 limit table on PS and there is a guy playing anything and everything and catching.Truly a fish, and another guy keeps berating him.I have not said a word at this table and I just lost a $40.00 pot with Ace, Jack when it was capped preflop and on the flop, and the just wouldn't go away.He played a 10, 4 off-suit and made his straight on the turn. I had a pair of jacks, with the Ace.I didn't say a word, despite the fact that losing with Ace, Jack to 10, 4 pretty much sucks, but I have learned that it doesn't help to berate these players. In the long run I can make much more money by just being quiet during these times.See Krup I have learned.

  7. I'm going to rig a device that kills you.
    Patent pending yet?
    No, it's still in the trial phases. Our first test run is going to be on X-22.
    He is even more annoying in person than on TV.I would think that if you were him you would not want to draw anymore attention to yourself, but he does.The whole Quack, Quack, and rainbow bets are so silly, but I found him to be just goofy, but he does get under peoples' skin.Alan Colon was commenting the next day after he was gone from our table how much it bugged him.
  8. Major, I think you are a little wrong about Alan Colon on the hand with qj vs. q9. I have never played with him and you have so you definitely know more, but I don't think that hand shows that he is too tight at all. Your raise was very solid and well timed and put him to an extremely tough decision. Only top notch pros can call that and have any justification for doing so. It takes a pretty solid read to make that call with a marginal kicker when you are almost dead to aq and kq. Any internet fish can make that call, but that it's more to due with Phil Gordon's article on different levels of thinking. Anyways, he may be too tight but that hand was played how almost all poker players would play it and I don't think it shows that he is a donkey.
    I know my response about Alan was long, so I understand if you may have missed what I said, but I actually defended him against someone else calling him a donkey.I in no way think he is a donkey, he is a very tough player, and you are right that he made a tough laydown with the queen, jack.I just think he is too tight in general to make final tables in tournies, more so in the case where he was criticizing my making very large pre-flop raises to take the blinds and antes. He felt I was taking too big a risk, whereas I don't want to allow anyone to see a flop, cheap with overcards to my middle pair.I respect Alan and don't think he is a donkey.
  9. Major... Alan Colon is a total donkey in my opinion...I've played 20/40, 40/80 limit with him and he is truly putrid, but it good for the game cause he gives action. Is he any different in NL?
    Well I want to first temper my comments by saying that situations change and I know that people have made assumptions about the way I play by a few interactions and the longer you play you evolve.The other conclusion I have come to is this, in poker there really is no one way to play a hand. No right or wrong, as it is all situational, position, chip stack, who you are playing, etc. etc.I also am a very good Blackjack player, that is a game that with the exception of a tournament, you always play a hand a certain way.So while I don't agree with the way Alan plays, I certainly would not call him a Donkey. he is still in the tournament or at least was when the night ended.He in my opinion is way too conservative in a tournament. He almost never raised pre-flop more than the standard 3 times the BB. In fact I am pretty sure he never did, regardless of what he held.Now in my opinion this is a mistake. Here are two examples of what I did, once in a had where I pushed Alan out and then another time when everyone folded, and what Alan said and my response. In retrospect I should really not have discussed my reasoning with him but I did.On day one I held Queen, 9 and the flop came with Queen, and I can't remember what else. I am sorry that I don't remember all the details, but here is where I think Alan does not take enough risks in a tourney and gets pushed off a hand too easily.It ended up being the last hand of the day, and he I believe checked the flop or maybe made a small bet. I went all in hoping to get him to lay down his hand, and knowing that if he didn't he would cripple himself. I was all in for about 14k and he goes in the tank for quite some time and even asks me how much. I never talk while in a hand so I just put my chips in stacks so he could see and the dealer told him how much. He starts to count his chips and while doing so the has some of the stacks in front of his cards.Now in AC, maybe everyplace not sure about this, if your chips are in front of your cards the dealer can consider it a call, bet or raise, so if by accident you were to place your cards behind your whole stack you could technically be called all in. It is just Alan an me and another player calls Alan on this, now I wanted to kick this guy because I really was concerned that if he has a Queen my Nine will NOT hold up.Alan gets really irritated at this and says he was just counting his chips, the other guy keeps protesting, now I am praying he shuts up, but I have to keep quiet knowing that if I tell this guy to mind his own damn business, that will prompt Alan to call, as I felt that I knew him well enough by now to know he would fold unless he felt he had the nuts.Mind you the bell has rung and we are done for the night, finally Alan folds his Queen, Jack face up and I show my Queen, Nine face up.Second situation, yesterday when I finally got chips again, if I had a hand that was mediocre and there was enough in blinds/antes to take I would push very aggressively because I knew some people would call 3 times the BB with a drawing hand.So with the blinds at 400-800 with a 100 ante I raised to 5k hoping to take it down uncontested which I did. Everyone including Men Nguyen folds. Alan mumbles to another player that when I do that I bet too much, as I had been aggressive with my all in's to make it too expensive for callers. I showed him the 8's and said would you want to see a flop with those? He said no but that I would get into trouble doing that. Well I disagreed completely with him and told him so. Finally I said Alan if you had Ace, King suited and I bet 3 times the BB would you have called? I of course knew the answer, and he says yes but not for $5k. I said exactly, so I feel my move was correct.Alan didn't, the folks on this forum may agree with Alan, with me or some place in between.I am going to try very hard not to criticize other players, and just keep my opinions to myself. Everybody has a different style.I think Alan is too timid but, I would not label him a Donkey, he is a formidable player.I honestly believe that I can play with any player in the world. The only thing currently holding me back is not having the bankroll to enter big events. I will grind until I am at that point.
  10. On another note, Congratulations Major! Im sure the experience was amazing.
    Thanks much to you and all the well wishers.Yes it really was an incredible time.The feeling of being there in that atmosphere, knowing that I was actually participating and not just watching was soooo cool.I can tell you though that I now understand what it feels like too to bust out with the money in sight. It does feel like being punched in the stomach.But after having time to reflect, I realize that I was fortunate to be in such an event and know that I will at some point in the future play in another big event.I left there with some fantastic memories. I felt like a little kid playing with all those know pros.I have no problem admitting that it was such an incredible thrill, to be in their company. I feel I did a pretty good job of masking this feeling while at the table but inside I was like wow, I can't believe I am sitting at the same table as The Master, etc. etc.
  11. cardplayer is finally getting some pictures up of the men/major confrontation, nice.menmaster.jpg
    You got my face wrong, but that look is pretty much the look that Men was giving me!I guess he wanted me to melt in to a puddle of fear and start weeping uncontrollably at the table.Which is exactly what I did, I even called the tournament director and told him I was really, really scared of Men and that I only had 7k in chips left, so could he please move me to an easier table.Thanks for the laugh DNA, you are always good for it, the DNA "The Master of Pictures" Forever.Going to watch a movie with my wife, will check in with you fine folks later!
  12. I really dont agree with major's antics on the table (online obviously). He is always being beligerant to other players and whining constantly.With that said I still wish him the best.
    Krup,I just have one comment/request. I have in the past not acted the best, however that guy is largely dead and buried. I am not saying that I may still from time to time not get out of line, but you have apparently only seen the occasions and I assure you they are rare where I am the bad guy or out of line.Now not to excuse such behavior but apperantly you have never been around to witness the verbal beatings that I have taken online. That having been said I have tried very hard to be a better poster with a better attitude but every single post that you make about me continually brings up that in your opinion I am a belligerant bully, etc.With all due respect, you really know nothing about me, nor what I have gone through in the past 18 months since I started to play this game and have tried to get better at it.Now for my request.Unless you see me do something current that you feel is out of line, I would respectfully ask that if you are involved in a post about me that you not continually bring up, past actions that you may have witnessed, simply to paint me in a bad light. The fact you keep doing this, would indicate that you may have some sort of ax to grind with me. If I have personally offended you, I apologize right here and now in a public forum. If you have an issue and want to PM me, fine. Otherwise I would appreciate your watching my current and future actions and not continually bringing up a few isolated past incidents.I am trying very hard to be a good poker player, and I will play my style of poker which may be aggressive at times, but I will do my best to treat others with respect while doing so.I do not want to get a reputation for being rude, obnoxious, belligerent etc.I saw a guy yesterday that was at the table with the dread lock guy, (can't remember his name) and I don't know who he was but I was appalled by his behavior.I don't want to be that guy!!!!!!!!!!!He had a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off that had a cool saying, that read "endorsed by noone" but he was in peoples face, and I don't know the situation but his table was right behind mine and he was talking all kinds of smack to another player after he won a pot.In my opinion there is no place for that kind of grandstanding.Anyway Krup, I am human and make mistakes. I am a husband and father of 2 and I think you have and continue to paint me with a rather harsh brush.I ask that you watch me starting now, and make your judgements accordingly.Sincerely,Mauricio "Majorleag" Polack
  13. good read major, sounds like you had a blast
    I did thanks!Day one was tough, because the longest tournament experience I had, had previously had been 7 hours in a tourney I won in CA.I really ended day one thinking to myself how the heck do these guys do this for 4 or 5 days straight 9 to 10 hours a day. I even asked Chris Ferguson and he didn't really have an answer, and just said imagine some of these guys in cash games play for days straight, I just responded, that I can't even imagine that.I realized though after day one that it isn't so bad, you kind of get in to a zone, and then it really is no different then sitting at a desk at work which I do. The only major difference is you don't have the luxury of getting up and walking away whenever you want to.It really was a thrilling experience and I feel really happy to have played at the table with real seasoned pro's, most notably in my mind at least Men "The Master" Nguyen and been able to play at a good level without doing anything stupid against them. I think of the 4-5 pro's I played with he has the most noteriety.In fact I never got into any trouble in any pots with pro's, everytime I lost a big pot including my last hand with the queens it was against, I assume regular guys like me.
  14. Larry, sorry I missed you, or you missed me.
    I would have gladly covered any FCPer. There are many good players - who most people do not know and taking (personal) photos of you also lets the other players believe you are someone of note and give you some leeway to make moves. One time, POTY-favorite John Phan was at a table and no one gave him any respect.I'm the guy who looks like my avatar and I'm with the pokerwire/cardplayer guys (the regulars) usually. Also, I wear a green Bluff Press pass and am usually yelling at Matusow to get some cards.Cardplayer (BJ Nemeth) came late on Day 2. He is the best tournament reporter out there and is seriously underutilized by CardPlayer. Originally, none of these guys were coming out. I knew the event was newsworthy though - I MEAN it's been on ESPN for the past few years and will be on for the next five... sheesh! Even if only 100 players showed up - it would have been a good TV event (like the WSOP Circuit at Harrah's Las Vegas - which they foolishly did not tape).Anyway, I have a partnership with Bluff and am putting out what I believe is good stuff - superior content even. Judge for yourself at www.bluffmagazine.com and feel free to send me comments or suggestions. Much of my content is not on the other sites, and I pretty much have everything they do. And this was our first tourney. I have great plans for the future and will have an intern program for the summer World Series - the competition for admittance will be pretty severe though - you must be a successful poker player and be able to track at least four tables at once with perfect memory. I'm also not taking any people who don't have a real passion for poker. Basically, I'm looking for people who are the poker equivalent of sports fans who would jump at a chance to have inside access (along with all the festivities) cover the World Series or Superbowl.Also, see some not-so-public photos here.
    Well I saw a lady from Pokerwire quite a bit during the event, I never saw you but as you know it was a madhouse so it was tough to find anyone.I was at table 16 seat 5 with Men "The Master" in seat 9 yesterday.My time will come, it just will take a while.
  15. I was on the road for over two weeks and wasn't about to fly back for that event. Many of the top pros didn't, including the entire "STACKED Team" as we are shooting a show for MTV that conflicts with that event. There are sooooo many events these days that all of the top pros pick and choose.
    I would have loved to have met Daniel, but there are so many events these days, I understand him not making it.I was actualy quite pleasantly surprised by how many big name pro's were there. As I said most of them were very gracious and pleasant.Larry, sorry I missed you, or you missed me.I am not news worthy at this point, just a poor working schlubb trying to take care of his family.My only minor disappointment was that everytime someone went all in the ESPN news crew came over and if you busted out interviewed you.I guess by the time that I was all in in 85th position the novelty had worn off and there were no cameras, and no interview. I just shook hands with everyone at the table including my temporary nemesis, Men "The Master" Nguyen and got in my car and went home.
  16. First of all, I just want to say a sincere thanks to all of you for sweating me during my first big event!!It was truly a thrill and an honor to play among and with the best poker players in the world.Yes Paul Magriel is more annoying then Matusow. He does his quack, quack, and rainbow bets etc. Too tired to explain all that now, but I played with him for about 7.5 hours.When I first sat down on Tuedsay I had Paul to my left and Steve Brecher from Team Full Tilt to my right as well as a local pro Alan Colon from Long Island to my right.During the last hour on Tuesday pro Steve Zolotow, who's name was misspelled by the Taj btw joined our table severely short stacked.I met several pro's most of who where very polite and gracious, Chris Ferguson, John Juanda, Hoyt Corkins were all very polite. Ironically enough on Tuesday I saw Men "The Master" Nguyen and said who are you doing Men? He mumbled something incoherently and turned and walked away from me.So needless to say I thought he was a bit of a prick. Wouldn't you know it yesterday about 3 levels in they put him at my table. Him and I got into it a couple of times. I have made a point of trying to be a good player and non-confrontational but he made a point of trying to bully me and I guess try and intimidate me. Here is a little of what I remember with him. Fairly early on after he had joined our table, blinds were 300-600, I had Ace, 6 and limped in with it. The flop came down wiith an Ace, Queen and I can't remember what else. I checked to Men and he bet out about 1,800, I then came over the top on him being pretty sure he didn't have the Ace. Well when I did so I stated raise but didn't quite put enough in to double the bet which is what you must do, so the dealer and players pointed this out and I said no problem and completed the amount. Well, Men takes the ear buds out of his ear and starts to complain to the dealer, so I finally look at him and say "Men, I announced my intentions to raise." He is sooo pissed off and finally lays his hand down.Then later on in another hand I bet out, I can't rembemer the details, he comes over the top for like another 4k after the flop that has a Queen, and a Jack, so I think for a moment and fold. I say nice bet Men, and he goes nuts again, thinking that I was saying it like he was bluffing, so he shows me only that he had 2 pair. Now I tell him look I didn't mean to imply you had nothing but he continues to steam.Then later he gets Ace, Queen makes a big bet, and everyone folds including me, and he shows me and says, I wish I had this that other hand, referring to the one I came over the top on him. I just look at him and say, yeah I wish you did too! He glares at me and says you do huh? Finally to put an end to this I just look at him and say "Let's just get this straight Men, I respect you, but I am not intimidated by you"Things calmed down and when I busted out I shook everyone's hand at the table including Men and said no hard feelings and he said no.On the last hand the blinds were 400-800 with a 100 ante. The man UTG calls the 800 so now there is 2,900 to take. It comes back to me and I have about 15k left and go all in with my queens.Men folds, bb folds and the under the gun guy Bob a well liked and well known local pro who has done very well at the Borgata event last year and others thinks and calls with Ace, 10 off-suit. I think this was a bit of a loose call since it was about a third or quarter of his stack.Before I show my hand Men points to me and says I have Ace, Seven, and a young kid who was pretty cocky but won some critical pots an had a huge stack says I have Ace, King, or Ace, Jack. So I tell them nope and flip my Queens over and Bob flips his Ace, 10 OS and the flop hits him with an Ace and that is the end of the road for me.Ironically enough 2-3 hands previous this big stack kid had called a huge all-in about 50k against another guy with Jacks, when he had Ace, 10 OS and won, and several of us including Bob who busted me had commented on what a loose call it was, and Bob who made essentially the same call against me even commented, "gee I could find a better spot to call an all in with" then he calls mine. Oh well, I can honestly say that I played and fought hard and in the end I did put all my money in with the best hand pre-flop. There was only about 30 minutes left for the night so had he folded or better yet not hit his Ace, I would have been back in good shape going into today as the average chip stack when I lost was about 51k.Well I will be back in the future when the bankroll allows. I am thrilled to have outlasted 140 people many of which were pro's. There were other pros there that were not on some of the lists I saw. Take care all!!!

  17. spam alert...spam alert......... :wink:
    Right so it's best to delete the link, so as not to encourage the spam.I have no ownership in Red Bull, and since it's free that works. I sure as hell wouldn't pay like $2.50 a can or whatever the hell it goes for.That has got to be one of the greatest scams in the world, that and parking lots and garages in New York city.I think I will either buy myself a Red Bull distributorship or a parking lot in NYC, not sure which is more profitable but god they must be close.
  18. Shut up.+1
    See now either the counter is broken or it will only count one post per thread since I should at least be on like 564 by now but I bet when I click on submit I will STILL be at 562.Oh well really and truly this is my last post for at least the next few days.I can here the cheering going on already!!!
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