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  1. Very well thought out and insightful! Thanks. That's basically the way I reasoned it. I felt good but was also concerned, since all of us have lost with Kings, Aces etc., so when he put me all in, I certainly had to give him some credit.I only considered lay them down very, very briefly and not too seriously.Thanks again!
  2. you sound like one of those 12 year old kids who does nothing but watches ESPN and the WPT all day thinking poker is really easy because you can see the hole cards, and in turn you bash any and all players who make any mistakes"WHY ARE YOU FOLDING JACK SEVEN PREFLOP!!!!! ITS OBVIOUS HES TRYING TO STEAL IT WITH HIS NINE FOUR!!!!GOD YOURE DUMB!"well actually im only 8 and i don't understand why you would fold kings if the other person has queens isn't kings better than queens?Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury..........I rest my case...this is also why I said to not show the resultsEddie, I figure
  3. LOL, I would agree but I have heard many people claim that they can and or have done it.I usually plan to win or go broke with them.
  4. LOL.Second best starting hand in holdem....i would have done the same thing. nice hand!Thanks! It was scary though and for quite a bit of dough!
  5. I wanted to share a monster hand I had today and am curious if anyone would have laid down the kings.Once the guy went all in who had me more than covered I really considered tossing the kings convinced that he had the Aces. Glad I held on.Hand history below:PokerStars Game #2321440123: Hold'em No Limit ($3/$6) - 2005/08/12 - 12:53:03 (ET)Table 'Norma' Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: FILL A RACK ($825.20 in chips) Seat 2: IAmGhost ($1154.45 in chips) Seat 3: check_kills ($1014.75 in chips) Seat 4: jonob ($585 in chips) Seat 5: Nicolai ($575.25 in chips) Seat 6: Tommie ($594 in chips) Seat 7: ma
  6. I was going to drive down at butt crack of dawn tomorrow, but now i am leaning towards driving down there tonight.Either way I will be there no later than 7:30am tomorrow if not sooner.
  7. $100.00 buy in $25.00 fee no rebuy, no add on and it usually pays around 4k for first place. Definitely worth playing.
  8. That happens to me too. I blame Daniel. I mean, its his site...RayYeah Daniel what's up with that? Actually I now see the button when you are composing the message that let's you attach the signature, but it still doesn't explain why the selection in My profile doesn't stay selected.Any one with any ideas in that regard would be appreciated.
  9. Okay, okay everybody I get it! I put to much crap in the subject and it makes perfect sense now to me.Thanks though for the advi
  10. I have added a signature and checked the box that reads always show signature and I clicked the submit button each time.I go back into my profile and while the signature is there, the box is not checked to show signature?What gives any ideas?Thanks
  11. Man you cut me to the quick, my thread's a dud!! Now I am sad and will cry myself to sleep.Umm...I'm not sure if you understood my post. I wasn't flaming you.Anyways, do you want to restate the question now that you have a decent thread going?Speed I guess I should have used SW. I was just joking, making what was apparently a weak attempt at humor.I am lazy too so I didn't repost and now it is easy to find my thread it starts with Atlantic City. I was mainly curious if anyone else was going to be in AC this weekend as I am driving down there Saturday morning.
  12. I am going to be at the trop about 7:00am on Saturday and plan on playing in a ring game until the tournament starts at 9:15. I will play in that until I win it or bust out, then back to ring games.If I bust out early I will probably go play at the Borgata, so that I can also check out the satelite situation for that.I also wouldn't mind going to the Taj to see about the satelites for the USPC as I wouldn't mind playing in that too. You can send me a message through here or majorleag@aol.com if you want to try and get together while we are both down there. Hopefully my buddy will be joining
  13. Yeah hope to see you on some of the events. Not sure what number the heads up one is but it is limited to 1,204 people and I am in that one.I would just be happy to bust one of the "pro's". That would be worth the story even if I don't money. Although of course I want to money, I think top prize would be somewhere in the range of $50k, which would be one hell of a bankroll!!!!I also am going to try and satellite and or buy in to a few more events. I want to try and qualify for the Borgata open since I am only 2 hours from AC.
  14. Okay I guess that question answered itself as I am no longer a newbie.Yeah!!! Now to think of more useless but witty stuff to get to the next level of forum Nirvana!Yes Robert we do that music too!
  15. I forgot to ask you in my response, you mentioned the west coast. Where do you play?I grew up in Northern Cal. I was at the Bike a couple of weeks ago and won one of their No Limit Frenzy tournies. That is a great place to play cards.
  16. Yeah you are right, it was a little convoluted! I have read some of the advice but like others say on here I am lazy and was looking for immediate gratification.$1,110 on the PL HE. Thanks for the response. How many more goofy posts do I need to make to not be a newbie anymore?
  17. Man you cut me to the quick, my thread's a dud!! Now I am sad and will cry myself to sleep.
  18. Keep up the good work. I really love you guys. Any new albums coming soon????Thanks again Robert, you are the man!! We have a new album coming out soon called the Forum Poker Blues. Look for it where all the best CD's are sold!!!
  19. See now we are getting somewhere! That was extremely well thought and helpful, thanks Robert!
  20. Okay I am not being a smart ass here, although I am known to be one. I am pretty new to forums in general and to the FCP specifically and for quite some time I have just lurked.I have learned from some and laughed at/with others so recently I have started posting.I posted today regarding AC and some playing advice and I see that there are quite a few views on my question but no comments at all, good bad or indifferent.So after that long winded explanation comes the question. Am I doing something particularly wrong in my posting that I get zero response.Go ahead flame away as I would be disap
  21. I would agree, or you can do the 6 handed ones at PS also and top 2 get paid.I have done decent on these at most levels.
  22. Anyone going to be in AC this weekend? I am going down there on Saturday to play in the Trop tourney.Maybe I am carrying some good luck with me for a change as I won a pot limit HE tourney with 185 people today on PS!!!!Now I just need to figure out how best to use the bankroll and not be a complete idiot with it like I have in the past.Any advice as to ring versus SnG versus regular tournies? If ring limit or no limit and if limit what limit assuming I want to devote $500.00 to the cause?I do very well in NL in B&M but not online usually.I also am qualified to play the heads up WCOOP on
  23. Besides everything else that's been said, I agree that the worst thing you did in my opinion is talking and acting like you were strong.If you really have a strong hand you want a call and are not going to talk. I never talk at the table as a general rule when I am in the hand. The same mistake can be made online. Last night I was in a tourney and had K,Q after the flop there was a Queen and nothing else scary. I bet strong and the only other guy in the hand types "Your Ace, Queen is good against my Ace, King and then proceeds to go all in. I go into the tank for ahwile and I have him mor
  24. when me and my wife are doing it and she say's more more more... and i say thats it "i'm all in" :oops: That's the best! Great one to end my day on!
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