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  1. Event 03-l, $11 PL 5D.6th. April Tears (Stafford) $643.81.One more place for enough money to buy myself a new laptop. Fail.Final tabled though! This means I get a limited edition SCOOP final table jacket or some shizzle. It was really easy to be honest, in the first 11 hours I didn't go below 15 big bets once and only stuck all my money in once. I cocked up during the final 2 tables, but scraped into the final table.
  2. I don't usually post here but... theres a 15 minute break lol$11 PL 5D48th of the 167 left.Not doing too badly.My worst ever cooler came from pl 5d on stars. It was a qualifier to last year's WCOOP event, I got dealt AAKKx. I bet, guy raises, I call. He stands pat, I draw one and hit aces full. We stick it in and he flips over a pat straight flush. Sick.Lost a pot to (i think) the exact same straight flush earlier this tournament to some random. Didn't lose too many chips though.*table pops up*cya, good luck to anyone still in.
  3. My max is probably 4 too.I do it with short handed sit'n'go tournaments. Instead of starting them all at once, I start a new one every 10 minutes, or sooner if I bust out. This allows me to grind out the lower, slow and boring levels out while i pay more attention to the later stages of the other games. The advantage to doing this rather than playing several at the same time and on the same structure is obvious, once all 4 games become short handed the action will be hard to cope with and at that stage in the tournament you really want to be paying more attention to each hand, not less.
  4. Finally decided to register here. Wanted to post this pretty sick hand in a PL5D qualifier to the WCOOP event earlier today. Was pretty sick. Could have probably gotten from it if i hadn't drawn Aces full on the draw. Just looked that guy up. He's in the money right now in the WCOOP event. I calculated the odds of me drawing 2 pair to a boat only to lose to a pat straight flush are about 9,237,536 to one.Pretty sick.
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