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  1. Err I know if -I- have a straight draw. But I'm basically looking to see which possible cards could make a straight. The 'two cards within 4' seems to work for me. Three cards within '5' are required for a straight, so really that's what I'm going to use.And what if it is a prob in Hold'em ? It's frequently said straight draws are harder to see than flush draws, and I'm aware it was a slight weakness in my game. Just seeing if anyone has any useful advice, some useful, some childish lol. I'm new here so I'll /shrug
  2. Hey guys, I did search for this topic but couldn't find anything :)One place I'm weak at the moment is the ability to spot straight draws on the flop. I try at the moment (hard to explain, basically I look and run a few hands through my head).I'm sure there's a better way (eg, "ok these numbers are within 4 of each other).There is probably a correct way to spot them, but I'd love any advice. Much thanks.
  3. New to VT, love it so far. The Math section recommends you spend time looking for straight draws, I'm not bad at it but is there a technique I can use to make it a little easier? I don't mind putting in the practice but yeah, is there a slightly quicker method of watching for them? Many thanks.
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